Vilner 2018-2019 BMW Stormtrooper

Bulgarian company Vilner, who became famous very thorough in tuning cars and motorcycles, shared details about the next “piece-work” done for one client from Austria. Apparently, the customer is a fan of the saga “Star Wars.” After a serious transformation of convertible 2018-2019 BMW M6 E64 became the Imperial stormtroopers. White coloring symbolizes the ammunition the soldiers of the Galactic Empire. The car body is covered with a white pearl paint in three layers, grille and “gills” on the front wings of the contrast between the black and the brown soft top left.

Place in the wheel arches of 2018-2019 BMW Stormtrooper cover 20-inch alloy wheels with black spokes and a white shelf. Convertible has received the modified bumpers, headlights, LED taillights, and targeted by modifying other parts of the exterior. Here, one can not forget about last year’s project, 2018-2019 BMW Bullshark, created on the basis of the 6 Series coupe. Volume studio Vilner specialists work done is impressive and there, and here.

Interior tuning has always been a strong point of the Bulgarian studio. Interior Convertible 2018-2019 BMW Stormtrooper trimmed in leather and Alcantara brown, there are decorative carbon fiber inserts. Of the total palette knocked the iDrive controller, seat belts but the front seats, which are separated with white.

The movement of 2018-2019 BMW M6 Convertible is a motor V10 in volume of 5 liters, developing power of 507 horsepower and a torque of 520 Nm. In Vilner considered characteristics of the power unit Stormtrooper sufficient, therefore increasing the impact was not made.

Photo Vilner 2018-2019 BMW Stormtrooper