VATH 2018-2019 Mercedes V63 RS

VATH 2018-2019 Mercedes V63 RS

Located in the German town hösbach studio VAETH Automobiltechnik (or just VATH) is a leader in tuning 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz vehicles. This time, experts drew attention to the 2018-2019 Mercedes E 63 AMG S 4Matic wagon and turned it into a true supercar called V 63 RS Export. In the factory the performance of power shortage the car does not feel, but now the 5-door is capable of more.

5.5-liter 8-cylinder biturbo engine with default settings has an output of 585 horsepower and a torque of 800 Nm. Thanks to the modernization boost, ECU chip tuning, modified exhaust system and other tricks master VATH increased engine power to 750 hp and torque is brought up to 1000 Nm. There had to use the electronic limiter, so as not to harm the transmission.

Revised wagon can accelerate to 350 kilometers per hour. The owner, reshivshemusya on the transformation of your car, you need to cook 24,470 euros more in 1773 will need to pay for an effective fuel cooler. Incidentally, the company is ready to increase engine return to less extreme level – someone enough for 680 horsepower.

VATH 2018-2019 Mercedes V 63 is equipped with RS Export trёhsostavnymi forged wheels with wide low profile tires and shelf dimensions 265 / 30ZR20 on the front axle and 305 / 25ZR20 at the rear. The wheels will cost almost 3.5 thousand euros. Finalization of the suspension is estimated at 1166 euros, coilovers will reduce the ride height by 20-40 mm.

In the brake system were reinforced hoses and pads that can stop a fast wagon immediately. Among the external changes – finned rear diffuser in carbon ( euros) and a front splitter (1416 euros).

Salon 2018-2019 Mercedes E 63 AMG from VAETH Automobiltechnik decorated with carbon fiber, the work is estimated at 4000 euros. The new dashboard with a speedometer marked to 360 km / h, worth 1535 euros, and given the increased maximum speed of the car, worthy to be established on a mandatory basis. Rounding out the list of elements of the interior leather steering wheel sheathed for 1297 euros with spokes, finished in carbon fiber or wood by the customer.

Photo VATH 2018-2019 Mercedes V63 RS