Toyota Prado 2019-2020 model year


Toyota Prado 2019-2020, spy photos of which appeared on the Internet recently, will be a real breakthrough in the SUV segment. The current version is labeled J 150 is available for more than seven years before he could order podnadoest fans machines with a high degree of permeability. The gradual decline in international sales Prado made the Japanese company engaged in creation of the fifth generation, combines all the advantages of the previous modification and advanced development engineers.

Exterior: everything is still

The new body of Toyota Prado 2019-2020, photo is taken in the “world wide web”, inherited from its predecessor in almost identical appearance. The only difference was the angular headlights that mimic the shape of the side mirrors, a volume grille and front bumper. Dimensions of the model are as follows:

  • length – 4780 mm;
  • height – 1845 mm;
  • width – 1885 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2790 mm;
  • ground clearance – 215 mm.

Minimal changes in the appearance and size associated with the desire of developers to preserve the distinctive features of the fifth version of the other SUVs. Reducing vehicle weight (the new Prado 2019-2020 weighs only 2095 kg) failed due to the use of light metal alloys, and also invested drives. You can not call the new generation of aggressive exterior, but solid and majestic it is accurate.

Toyota Prado 2018

Interior: the atmosphere of luxury in every detail

Specific words deserves praise Salon Toyota Prado because he really turned the original, rich, unique. The atmosphere of luxury, comfort and harmony has been achieved through the use of expensive materials, such as aluminum, leather, wood. The first thing you notice, sitting behind the wheel of the Prado in 2019-2020, is a huge dashboard. Here is everything you need to track the parameters of the machine, and the large on-board monitor is 4.2 inches in size computer quickly displays additional information (mileage, the current or the total fuel consumption, distance to the filling and so on. D.).

Интерьер Toyota Prado 2018

If we talk about a snap salon, she undoubtedly has led to numerous aluminum inserts, contrasting with dark plastic. They can be seen on the steering wheel, door handles, gearshift panel. In the opinion of some motorists, aluminum turned out a little too much, but the material does not fade with time, do not overwrite as plastic, and retain its natural appeal.

Toyota Prado 2018

Another part of the interior of the Prado 2019-2020 model year, a photo of which created a furor even before the car light, steel chair with a lot of settings. Thanks to the option adjustable backrest, headrest and seat it is possible to choose the optimum position during a trip with the best overview of the traffic situation. Soft filler and leather do not cause absolutely no discomfort, even if the trip has to spend a few hours. In other words, in the interior of the Prado in 2019-2020 all created to its owner felt their high status, comfort and unique design, which employs the best Japanese experts.

Toyota Prado 2018


An updated version of the Toyota Prado is scheduled to make a truly powerful SUV, which will supply cars to a specially designed range of powertrains. Engineers have tried to reduce fuel consumption while maintaining the amount of horsepower under the hood. In addition, we took into account the wishes of environmentalists, so all engines Prado 2019-2020 meet the stringent Euro 5 standards. Key parameters of the internal combustion engine are shown in the following table:

engine type volume Power Torque
Petrol 2.7 l 164 l. from. 360 N / m
V-shaped petrol 5.7 l 381 l. from. 403 N / m
Diesel 3.0 l 178 l. from. 450 N / m

Motor capacity 2.7-liter will be equipped with 4-speed automatic gearbox and more powerful version of the power unit will receive a 6-band automatic. At the request of the owners of low-power to the motor can be mounted 5-speed manual. Acceleration to 100 km / h Toyota Prado gaining from 8.6 to 14 seconds, depending on the vehicle. Fuel consumption in combined mode adjusted to 10-12 per 100 km on a liter of petrol models, and only up to 8-10 liters per 100 km on the diesel counterparts. Over time, the creators of the plans to equip the SUV hybrid power plant, but it will happen only in the medium term (until 2019-2020 years).

Toyota Prado 2018