Toyota Fortuner 2019-2020 in a new body


Judging by the photos of the car Toyota Fortuner 2019-2020 in a new body, the long-awaited version of the restyling has retained the general features of its predecessor. Although the official presentation of the new seven-seat SUV to date has not yet taken place, the network can already be seen talking about many pirate photo. And on the roads – prototypes impressive jeep.

Several changed and equipping Toyota Fortuner 2019-2020 A in the body is widely used aluminum materials, due to which the crossover is lighter by 90 kilos, which had a positive impact on how he feels in a city boundaries.

Toyota Fortuner 2016 года

Exterior updated model

Like most restyled versions of crossovers, the new Toyota Fortuner most significant external changes had been subjected to it in front of the body. So clearly noticeable became carnivorous features of the car, which many compare with the muzzle of a lion or leopard. Good news for those who are already rather bored with motifs of the shark image.

Grille has become somewhat broader. But it still continues to form converging ribs bonnet. Lights head optics became more elongated and angular. Significantly changed fog lamps, which are now housed in vertical niches, gradually turning into a modified bumper cowl.

Toyota Fortuner 2016 года

Behind the car is already characteristic of Toyota Fortuner expressive spoiler, which is ideally located new stop signal. The wheel arches were sending larger and bulkier. A silhouette of the car as a whole has become more sharp outlines. The rear side glass is now directly adjacent to the bar.

Toyota Fortuner 2016 года

Toyota Fortuner 2016 года


The interior of the new car has more changes than external. It looks more fresh. This contributes to the color scheme, made in shades of gray and beige. Despite the fact that the new Toyota Fortuner 2019-2020 – is a seven-seater model, salon can be called quite spacious.

Naturally, instead of the traditional dashboard, the driver will now use the LCD touch screen of impressive dimensions. The steering wheel is now a massive bole, has a larger diameter and the number of control buttons. Front seats are literally crammed with electronics. Electromechanical adjustment over a wide range of options and several preset positions complemented processed form seats with strongly pronounced lateral support.

Салон Toyota Fortuner 2016 года

The multimedia system is presented in six columns and a seven-inch touch panel. For an extra fee you can book a cabin with wood and leather design elements and roof rails.

All passenger rows have an increased level of comfort, this applies to both forms of the seats, so access to the third row. To access it, pull the lever enough. All this is complemented by factory-tinted rear windows.


Dimensions cars remained the same as that of its predecessor. It is 4705 mm long and 1840 in width, ground clearance – 22 cm.

The unit is presented in four versions:

  1. The petrol 2.7 liter DOHC, issuing 160 hp
  2. Gasoline V-shaped six-cylinder unit 4 l. and 240 hp
  3. The four-cylinder diesel engine in volume of 2,5 l., Able to squeeze 144 hp
  4. The three-liter diesel engine, designed for 171 hp

Depending on the engine version, Toyota will be equipped with a four- or five-speed automatic and five-speed mechanics.

Not without rear differential lock systems. All versions will be available all-wheel drive, disc brakes and independent suspension. Because impressive size SUV will not interfere with the smooth course even in extreme driving conditions.

Двигатель Toyota Fortuner 2016 года