The new Volvo XC70 2019-2020


In Scandinavia Photospies seen Volvo XC70 2019-2020 in a new body. Experienced car conducting test trials on public roads in the harsh climatic conditions of the European North. Running a new generation SUV indicates premature rumors about the withdrawal from the production model. Universal E-class for many years remains unchanged sales leader. The popularity and brand loyalty of customers reached the highest build quality and uncompromising safety. Cars “Volvo” – one of the few in the world market, which retain the family style design.

The new word in the design

Swedish designers have developed a universal platform for SPA-terrain vehicles. The modular architecture allows you to significantly reduce costs and time in the development of a whole range of vehicles. One of the works created on the basis of the original, is the new “Volvo” HS70 2019-2020. The photo is possible to note the desire for unification and in the design of the exterior. Thus, the updated line of models different one radiator grille style. Designers have returned branded grille type “whalebone”. Now vertical chrome strips are concave inside.

Volvo XC70

Also designers dared to deprive the versatile authentic features – direct roof and ends abruptly vertical line astern. The arc was a domed roof, the top of the feed has a greater inclination. Block headlights separated by a horizontal bar. In the top segment located Optics xenon dipped and main beam. In the bottom housed direction indicators and LED daytime running lights. Taillights “Volvo” at all times is an original element, emphasizing individuality and brand awareness. And in the 2019-2020 model is simply a work of art. Intricate lampshades snake line stretches from the top edge of the fifth door to the niche of the registration plate. With elegantly aristocratic wagon organically combine massive wheel arches SUV.

Новый Volvo XC70

Traditions high level of safety and comfort

Even in the photo “Volvo” HS70 2019-2020 model year is impossible not to mention the interior design sophistication. Made with genuine leather light colored. The impressive center console inlaid with polished wood valuable species. The console itself, as well as the control unit air conditioning system and the media center, is framed by a chrome frame. The upper part of the dashboard in the deep recess under the peak is located a 7-inch monitor Sensus Connect. The communication system Volvo on Call in constant contact with the operator and provides the latest information on road conditions.

Салон Volvo XC70 2017 года

Intelligent equipment – one of the most advanced in the world. The SUV has in its arsenal, adaptive cruise control with the option of tracking distance, including when driving in dense city traffic. In the case of a dangerous convergence of the processor without the driver stops the vehicle – a complex CWAB independently activates the braking system. DAC system monitors the physical condition of the driver in the case of fatigue takes the alarm. Pilot Assist system includes a semi-automatic function of driving at speeds up to 120 km / h provided there is discernible markings. Firm complex City Safety active safety on the road is able to detect large animals and prevent a collision.

Новый Volvo XC70 2017 сбоку


Dimensions “Volvo” HS70 2019-2020 remain unchanged:

  • length – 4838 mm;
  • Width with side mirrors – 2 119 mm;
  • height – 1604 mm;
  • ground clearance – 210 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2815 mm;
  • curb weight minimum configuration – 1820 kg.

Standard wheels – R16, tire size – 225/55. Body – a two-volume versatile. Doors – five, the number of seats – five.

Volvo XC70

Fuel economy – first and foremost

Swedish designers continue uncompromising struggle for the reduction of harmful emissions. Traditional five-cylinder engine is constantly modified to improve performance and reduce fuel consumption. They should come to replace the series engines Drive-E, which decreases the volume will retain power and high-torque. The range of powertrains, “Volvo” HS70 2019-2020 will consist of four turbo inline:

  • 5-cylinder T5 petrol engine: volume – 2,5 l, capacity – 250 liters. . With torque – 360 Nm;
  • 5-cylinder diesel D4: volume – 2,4 l, capacity – 182 liters. . With torque – 420 Nm;
  • 5-cylinder diesel D5: volume – 2,4 l, capacity – 220 liters. . With torque – 440 Nm;
  • the latest product of Swedish engineers – 4-cylinder diesel engine Drive-E: volume – 2 l, capacity – 180 liters. with torque -. 400 Nm.

All engines comply with Euro-6 standards. reduced fuel consumption contributes to the system “stop start” breaking the engine in traffic jams and at traffic lights. Three transmissions: a 6-speed manual, 6 and 8-band machines. The car accelerates to a top speed of 210 km / h. With traditional five-cylinder engines is aggregated transmission 4×4. For full drive connection meets the Haldex coupling. For eco-friendly unit Drive-E provides front-wheel modification.

Линейка Volvo

On Russian roads

Versatile only in Sweden. Production of the new “Volvo” XC70 will start in the fall, and it will appear in the showrooms of authorized dealers in early 2019-2020. Trim levels will be offered three: “Kinetic Auto”, “Auto Momentum”, “Auto Sandstorm.” The basic version will cost 2.3 million rubles, maximum -. By 2.6 million.

There are also rumors that the car is no longer produced, and replaced him come Volvo V90:

Volvo V90