The new Volvo V90 Cross Country 2019-2020


Volvo V90 in Russia will come, and it has to happen in 2019-2020, but only in the form of a Cross Country. That is: the first – a wagon, while the second – a crossover. Swedish Autobody decided that the suit could not be better for Russian roads their “SUV”. At the same time versatile, presented them at the beginning of the year, experts say, it will replace the model V70.

A summary of the crossover models Cross Country

First the Swedes presented updated sedan S90, after it – the versatile V90. Both are represented by a full-size car combines an advanced platform, called SPA. It is a new crossover Cross Country will be built. SPA is a special feature of the body-dvuhobemnik. That is: it has two compartments: one of them has an engine (or it is reserved for the luggage compartment), while the latter placed the passengers (or, again, it is either the trunk or already set aside for use in its engine perimeter). The name “Cross Country” is taken from mountain biking, which in turn is in itself answers the question, what seems to the car, whose name has the phrase Cross Country. The answer is: “charged to the full”, so that is easy to cope with the cross in the most extreme parts of the road way.

Volvo V90 Cross Country 2017 года

Exterior Volvo V90 Cross Country

It is this will go all the Russian roads, starting in 2019-2020. Volvo V90 Cross Country looks like a crossover, and its exterior fits into an existing line of automobiles of the Swedish concern.

On the spy photos taken by journalists in secret, it is clear that the new product is very similar to the sedan and station wagon. It must be noted that the aluminum suspension, the same wheels and similar lighting equipment. Aluminum suspension, in general, well-blended into the exterior crossover, while presented alloy wheels underline the impressive looks of the car. Lights on the front of the car and back are made on the principle of the right combination with the already established way of the vehicle.

Новый Volvo V90 Cross Country 2017 года

False radiator grille has retained its shape, however, it is decorated with a sedan and a station wagon, but at the same time for her crossover additionally chromed.

It is said that the crossover will be the basis for future coupe and sport wagon. The Swedes now spend the restructuring of its business, and issued at the time of the model together with the planned new products are an integral part of this process.

Новый Volvo V90 Cross Country 2017 сзади

Interior Volvo V90 Cross Country

With interiors in the Volvo V90 Cross Country, as it turned out, things are richer. Somehow insiders managed to look inside the cabin, and even to make clear pictures represented decoration trends. Naturally, the first catches the eye luxury of that is trimmed seats with elegant leather and wood materials. They also decorated the dashboard. Along its perimeter mounted touch screen with a diagonal of 9.5 inches.

Using the proposed Sensus Connect capabilities multimedia system screen, the driver has the right to set the direction of the climate control system (stated four-zone work), heated seats front and rear rows of seats (as well as the need to enable the option, according to which the chair can additionally massaging passengers back) obtain the necessary information from the Internet and even to answer calls after connecting your smartphone.

safety and control systems for vehicle traffic are presented in the novelty and video cameras, and radars, and assistants, and other mechanisms. Cargo space in the car (in the case of the folded rear seats) will delight the driver capacity of slightly more than 1 600 liters.

Салон Volvo V90 Cross Country 2017 года

Specifications crossover V90 Cross Country

Also Volvo V90 Cross Country 2019-2020 crossover is able to please the driver maximum power value in the form of 320 horsepower. This is possible if you choose a complete set of cars with petrol engine mounted. Similar rates were recorded in the crossover with a hybrid installation under the hood. Diesel units are able to achieve the maximum power at 190 and 230 “horses”.

It is said that for his new work will consume a small amount of fuel. Some insiders at all put forward the view that such a measure would be a record year for Swedish engineers for a long time for their work. 4-5 liters – exactly on this value, they say.

Volvo V90 Cross Country