The new Volkswagen Polo sedan 2019-2020


Photo and price of the new Polo sedan 2019-2020 very pleased with the domestic buyer. Moreover, the novelty appeared on the Russian market relatively quickly after its world premiere, as she is also surprised by the choice of a large range of prices and options.

Earlier versions of the Volkswagen Polo sedan occupied a strong position in th automotive market. Because there is nothing surprising in the fact that the update has a new look and technical characteristics of the car caused a great interest among fans of high-quality and relatively inexpensive cars. After all, this range refers to the budget of the European sedans class-B.

But unlike other pyatidverok this price category, the Polo can offer the customer a fresh, sporty design and good features. Do not forget about all the details of a German car, which is beneficial distinguishes it from other brands.

Volkswagen Polo седан 2016 года

appearance Updates

Photos of the new Volkswagen Polo sedan 2019-2020 demonstrate a clear claim on a car belonging to a sports class. Unlike previous versions, it has a rapid design and more straight lines, which greatly enhance the aerodynamic performance of the body.

In the front part of a new bumper, decorated with a modified chrome grille. Greatly changed the optics, all modifications to the model range, including the base version will be equipped with LED elements. daytime running light line adds the external appearance of car elegance. a stylish air intake was added, in which the sides are prtivotumannye headlights original form. Hood decorated edges, which add the front of the sedan and more expressive.

Volkswagen Polo седан 2016 года

If the optics seem to someone too modest, then as additional options Volkswagen Polo has a more innovatory equipment including bi-xenon headlamps elements in the head. And it is in all the trim head optics is equipped with a powerful H7 bulbs. There is also a reinforced backlight for more comfortable passage over rough terrain.

Profile of the new Polo looks fast and sporty. The wheels are a new design of disks and plastic caps. Rear bumper changed, optics also acquired nice additions.


I must say that the designers did a good job on the interior of the new Polo sedan 2019-2020. Significantly increased space. The client can choose the fabric or leather upholstery, and even textile version is quite high quality features and looks quite expensive.

A new functional steering wheel with control buttons. Front console lined with high-quality plastic, her creators of the new Polo was decorated with stylish chrome accents. Location of Controls on the dashboard for maximum comfort for the driver.

The driver’s seat has a horizontal and vertical adjustment. Security for vlditelya and front passenger airbags will be provided.

Volkswagen Polo седан 2016 года салон

To base “stuffing” cars include radio and navigation system as well as – a five-inch screen of the onboard computer. The options list includes a built-in air conditioning and improved climate control system.


Under the hood, the new sedan has not changed as much as the outside. It has independent front and semi-independent rear suspension, torsion beam having. Front disc brakes, rear – drum.

Engines in the Russian market will be presented in the following variants:

  1. The petrol engine of 1.6 liters, an outstanding 85 hp Torque – 145 Nm.
  2. The unit with the same volume, but an outstanding 105 hp and 153 Nm.

Buyers will be provided with the following options for transmission: five-speed mechanical, or six-speed automatic.Volkswagen Polo седан 2016 года