The new Subaru Outback 2019-2020


This Japanese manufacturer is constantly surprising world of technological innovation. Another novelty, which are expected in 2019-2020, is “Subaru Outback”. The company claims to be an entirely new formula of the popular vehicle. Continuously improved the processor will soon turn the driver into a passenger. Structurally, the “Outback” – is an off-road version of the “Legacy”. Crossover combines power and elegance. Universal car for holidays and everyday worries.

Point changes in appearance

Subaru Outback 2019-2020 is built on the Legacy of the sixth-generation platform. In the city car borrowed station wagon, engines, interior decoration. The crucial difference not only in off-road suspension, but in a solid carrier frame Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frame with programmed deformation zones. At its manufacturing technology is used hot pressing, which significantly increases the impact resistance and therefore safety.

Restyling will do “Subaru Outback” 2019-2020 lineup of more modern and attractive. Updating the lines of the body led to an improvement in aerodynamic efficiency. Unchanged attribute exterior is geksonalnaya grille with horizontal crossbeams. A large number of chrome elements indicative of accessory models to the prestigious class.

Outback 2017 года

The windshield became more flat and is placed at a steep angle. Side mirrors moved from the front rack door. Console fairings shortened to a minimum, and the mirror is almost adjacent to the glass door. This is done to increase the review. Headlights slightly recessed into the wings. In front of them to make a small niche. This element is a bit like a similar item Swedish car brand. The front and rear optics are fully updated. The rear lights got LED segments. Integrated side sills, finally found its functionality.

Субару Аутбек

Infinite perfection

Subaru Outback 2019-2020 The interior space, it became more spacious. Increase the distance between rows of seats. Increased the opening angle of the front door. The driver’s seat is equipped with electrically in eight bands. Inside, there are new comfortable seats with leather upholstery. Torpedo, center console, steering wheel rim and covered with skin. Infotainment system is equipped with 7-inch color touch screen. Optionally, set the media center Harman Kardon 12-speaker. Between two deep wells on the instrument panel is located a 4.3-inch screen route processor.

Comfort is enhanced by significantly reducing the noise in the cabin. Designers have developed and used the original sealed sound insulation for the body. Carefully seal the space between the panel and the engine compartment and wheel arches. The basic version is equipped with heated front seats, an electronic parking brake, rain and light sensors, and will come with a new Starlink communication system and additional safety systems EyeSight corporate complex. Tailgate is equipped with an electric drive. Needless division became a bit extensive, reaching 528 liters. If you add up the back of the second row, the volume increases to 1850 liters.

Luxury equipment equipped with panoramic windows, sunroof electric, wide-angle television camera rearview mirror, dual-zone climate control and satellite navigation with voice control and numerous user-friendly features like the defroster for windshield wipers.

Салон Субару Аутбек

Technical specifications

“Subaru Outback” 2016-2019-2020 year, a little grown in size. Increased wheelbase and width of the body:

  • length – 4815 mm;
  • width – 1840 mm;
  • Height – 1 650 mm;
  • base – 2750 mm;
  • ground clearance – 220 mm;
  • curb weight – 1660 kg.

Standard wheels – R18, tire size – 225/60. Body – a two-volume five-door wagon.

вид сбору Аутбек

flaming engine

“Subaru Outback” 2019-2020 year, intended for the Russian market, will be equipped with all three motors. Propulsion systems are traditionally opposed:

  • diesel engine MT: volume – 2 liters, power – 150 l. with 240 Nm.;
  • petrol engine CVT: volume – 2.5 liter capacity – 175 liters. p., 235 Nm;
  • petrol engine CVT: volume – 3.6 liter capacity – 260 liters. p. 350 Nm.

Outback сзади

The motors will be aggregated 6-speed manual transmission and 6-band variator Lineartronic. Transmission-wheel drive with the advantage of the front. The base engine is a petrol two and a half liter. Engineers managed to significantly improve its efficiency by increasing the compression ratio. Fuel consumption in the combined cycle is only 7.7 liters. For driving on rough terrain is an electronic system X-Mode, which provides a sporty and economical driving styles.

Subaru Outback 2017