The new Škoda Superb 2019-2020


Among the wide range of the Czech brand’s vehicles, the owners of which were about a million people last year, Skoda Superb has attracted particular attention. Present at the presentation of a large-scale, conducted in a large complex Prague Forum Carlin enjoyed presentable appearance flagship and its advanced features.

The new Skoda Superb 2019-2020 is ready for serial production and will go on sale in mid-autumn 2015. The new improved car will be significantly different from the current generation of design and the first to be equipped with a hybrid power plant. The new generation of Skoda in 2019-2020 will be more squat and comfortable. The price liftbek will remain at the level of the predecessor model.

An applicant for a position in the executive class cars

Promotional photos Skoda Superb 2019-2020 mark smaller overhangs model. Developers have increased dimensions of the car, which was higher by 6 mm, the wider – 47 mm long – 28 mm. At the same time, it has become more harmonious and lighter by 75 kg compared to its predecessor. The use of steel components increased strength allowed for reduction of body weight. The creators of the new model retained the bulk trunk and ample space for foot passengers on the rear seat. These characteristics allow the vehicle to take its rightful place among the high-class cars, but Skoda Superb 2019-2020 to marks and not included in the category of vehicles of the middle class, with a length from bumper to bumper to 4861 mm.

Skoda Superb 2016 года

Rejection of a complex and expensive system TwinDoor, formerly part of the basic equipment of machines Czech brand, did not affect the convenience of transportation of baggage. Placing luggage rack behind the rear seat allows you to extend the range of the vehicle, designed for accommodation, transport items, tools, luggage and equipped specifically for their fixing elements in the form of pockets, nets, hooks. The trunk is equipped with LED backlight and arms for folding the second row seats. Fifth door equipped with an electric drive, protected against damage to the car park with a low ceiling, after infusions desired height of its ascent.

Optics model is associated with a luxury Bohemian glass. Headlamps with halogen lamps, graceful lines lampshades overall lighting, corresponding to the latest fashion trends, in harmony with the expressive edges and vyshtampovki. The back of the body in a neat design emphasizes a strict view of the Czech car. Salon differs respectability and excellent quality finishing materials. For details of the securities are multiple compartments and shelves.


The design of the exterior and interior of fruitful work team headed by Skoda Auto Jozef Kaban. The exterior design is harmonious, rigorous and solid:

  • Expressive ribs and stylish vyshtampovki, improved lights, halogen lamps in harmony with each other.
  • Ideal flat roofline with a high stern looks spectacular against the backdrop straight doors.
  • The back of the body is full of neat and equipped with trendy shades overall lighting.
  • The boot lid is equipped with an electric drive and contactless opening. Interestingly, uniform feature – a double cover of body compartment is now missing.

Skoda Superb 2016 года

The luggage compartment now has a LED backlight. Grille left essentially unchanged, it still has a traditional design. But the mouth of the air intake manufacturers did little wider, thereby giving the car a rigorous and presentable appearance.


Interior design looks respectable. The cabin is dominated by high quality materials. It should be emphasized orderly assembly and a large supply of free space, which allows easily accommodate five passengers. The front panel is left with the same architecture. The steering wheel, instrument panel, center console have been modified. Quality entertainment system, USB connector and socket with a voltage of 230 V are cabin advantage. The rear seats are now able to adjust. But the driver’s seat has lumbar support and more. In the interior are many compartments and shelves for storage of small things.

Салон Skoda Superb 2016 года

Electronic driver assistant

Experts attribute a high degree of electronic equipment to differing Skoda flagship of Czech rulers and distinguished:

  • Cruise control maintains the set distance at a speed of 210 km / h;
  • Assistant movement in traffic;
  • autopilot for parking in any planes to the roadway;
  • radars to provide protection for the rear of the shock;
  • Assistant warning about the dangers of rebuilding on the road;
  • automatic switching brightness of the light;
  • camera to determine road signs, markings, environment and trajectory;
  • Pre-Crash system reacting to the threat of an emergency, providing automatic tightening of the driver and passenger seats, sitting in front, closing the hatch and glass;
  • system, protecting from repeated collisions;
  • connectors for SIM-cards for distribution Wi-Fi in the car.

Салон Skoda Superb 2016 года

In addition, the developers have taken care of the advanced capabilities of the model in the field of information and entertainment systems of new generation. Now removing the navigation system from your smartphone on the central display and study its characteristics and work parameters of the phone’s screen machines and mechanisms of the vehicle is not too difficult.

For improved and qualitative survey of the surrounding area in the winter the system is installed windscreen heating and nine airbags provide protection for people in the cabin during the accident.

Thus, the updated car Skoda Superb in 2019-2020 became worse, both outside and inside. LED framing and improved head optics became the main advantage of the exterior design. Spacious interior and trunk will give comfort and ease of use.

Skoda Superb 2016 года задние сиденья


In the production of new Czech car used Volkswagen MQB-B platform is known. The range of powertrains including gasoline and diesel engines. TSI petrol engines with volumes of 1.4, 1.8 and 2.0 liters provide power from 125 to 280 hp and equipped with turbocharging. Models of diesel engines allow you to select the engine 1.6 and 2.0 liters with an output, which can range from 120 to 190 hp Powertrains will work on the basis of a six-speed gearshift, or using DSG robot with 6-7 steps. Four-wheel drive version of the performance is available to all modifications, except for the basic configuration improved Skoda model.

Skoda Superb Combi 2016 года

Operation of power units is based on the six-speed gearbox or DSG robot with 6-7 steps. All modifications, except the base, four-wheel drive available on the embodiment. Car maximally adapted to Russian conditions, and will be equipped with an additional 15 millimeters of ground clearance. Excellent dynamics, excellent maneuverability and ease of operation will be appreciated by both experienced and novice drivers.