The new Mercedes GLK Class 2019-2020

Despite the fact that all-wheel drive luxury crossover is available in Stuttgart since 2008, he has not quite lived up to market expectations of its creators. German developers suggest that the new car will change the situation. The prototype of the updated version is being tested on the roads of southern Europe. The automaker, to emphasize the novelty of the product, changed and labeling. The second generation SUV will now be called the GLC, but not as before GLK. While the general public can see the new Mercedes GLK Class 2019-2020 only on the photo. The price compared to its predecessor slightly increase.

Mercedes GLK 2016 года

The rapid appearance

The crossover is built upon MRA platform developed for rear-wheel drive models of the C-Class. Carmaker, unwilling to take positions in the market, significantly upgrading its products. These trends are concerned and Mercedes GLK 2019-2020. The photo shows the lights of the original design, including a segment of LED daytime running lights in the shape of a boomerang. Their features are repeated arched fog lights located in the lower part of the bumper fairing. Designers have seriously worked on the aerodynamics of the body. Exterior lines became smoother. Hood visually enlarged, altered roofline, flared wheel arches are made more prominent. Changed geometry of the radiator grille.

Mercedes GLK 2016 года

The original style of the Mercedes

A small extension of the wheelbase of the new GLK in 2019-2020 was the increase in the internal space of salon, the first thing passengers will appreciate the second row. The interior is also designed based on the C-Class platform. The front panel and center console are made in a completely new design. Devices placed in three deep tunnel. The traditional shift lever replaces all variator. The above three vents mounted 8.4-inch touch-screen multimedia system. A curious detail is that the monitor is not integrated into the surface of the center console, and extends when you turn on the ignition. Cameras provide an overview of 360 degrees.

Mercedes GLK 2016 года салон

Mercedes GLK 2016 года

Built-in navigation system provides information about the speed limits, and when braking and moving in a stream driver receives acoustic and optical signals from the Distronic Plus (equipped with a radar complex maintenance of distance). The intelligent active safety system with the widest range of options is the ability to customize according to the manner of driving, weather conditions and the state of the road surface. Owners will be able to choose the finishes material: leather, suede, real wood, aluminum or carbon fiber. A panoramic roof will be offered on request.

Mercedes GLK 2016 года


Thanks for Applying aluminum in frame design and high-strength steels car became lighter by 80 kg. New GLA in 2019-2020 increased slightly in length (118 mm), and increased wheelbase. Other parameters remain the same:

  • Length – 4654 mm.
  • Width – 1840 mm.
  • Height – 1 669 mm.
  • Wheelbase – 2855 mm.
  • Ground clearance – 170 mm.
  • Curb weight – 1745 kg.

Mercedes GLK 2016 года внутренности

One of the most powerful SUVs

As for the powertrain of the new GLK 2019-2020, at the moment we know only three versions of the base of the motor:

  • Specially designed twin-turbo petrol engine V6:. 3-liter, 330 hp A car with this engine will get marked GLC 400.
  • Petrol engine V8 in volume of 4 liters. and a power of 475 hp It will be installed on the crossover version GLC 450 AMG Sport.
  • V4 diesel engine capacity of 2.2 liters. 170 hp

But these engines, engineers are not going to limit the Mercedes GLK 2019-2020. Recent news suggests that the crossover developed hybrid propulsion system, comprising an electric motor and a diesel engine tandem with a total capacity of 230 hp This car will be called GLC 300 N. For drivers who value efficiency two turbocharged four-cylinder engine will be provided: diesel volume of 2.1 liters. and a two-liter petrol. Transmission presented the latest devyatidiapazonnoy automatic G-Tronic. Four-link front suspension, rear – five. Place the springs have taken pneumatic cushions. On the move the car is very stable due to the low-lying center of gravity

Mercedes GLK 2016 года