The new generation of Infiniti QX70 2019-2020

The new generation of Infiniti QX70 2019-2020


The luxury brand automaker “Nissan” “Infinity” plans to upgrade a significant portion of its range in the near future. Of particular interest is the crossover segment, which in 2019-2020 will be presented to the new generation of Infiniti QX70. Modernization is aimed primarily at the reduction of fuel consumption and increase the level of equipment with electronic gadgets. Externally, the coming generation will become more attractive thanks to the elegant body lines. A detailed list of all the innovations have not yet made public, and the release of the car premium intriguing world avtosoobschestvo.

Harbinger of a technological revolution

The sleek crossover has undergone several renovations since 2009. However, over the years, major changes are not followed, and the signs of aging are quite obvious. To preserve the individuality and competitiveness in the ruthless segment of premium crossovers automaker balanced approached to update the model. As the spy shots show a new “Infinity» QX70 2019-2020 posvezheet thoroughly. The revised model as a whole will retain its recognizable profile, including the floating roofline. The changes will affect design radiator grille, optical instruments, head light, fog lights and daytime running lights, front bumper splitter decorate a new form. For the aft diffuser designed with the original architecture. Also change the shape of the side skirts of plastic thresholds.

Infiniti QX70

In the creation updated car engineers “Daimler” took an active part. With their help to develop innovative powertrain, as well as a new platform, which in the near future will be a unified base for the whole range of models with very different parameters. Some technological solutions are being tested in the “Infinity» QX70 2019-2020. Through the use of carbon fiber, lightweight aluminum and high-strength steel, structural mass has decreased significantly.

Infiniti QX70 сзади

Electrification and computerization

The manufacturer aims to complete equipping elite crossover at the highest level. For this intelligent function consistently extended on the basis of modern digital technologies. Luxurious, but bored interior has undergone the most significant restructuring. Pictured new «Infiniti» QX70 2019-2020 it may be noted that the interior architecture is still rife with high-tech equipment and aristocratic design in accordance with the latest trends. The decoration used leather special tanning of beige, brown and black. For inlays used aluminum and black lacquered wood or stained maple.

Салон Infiniti QX70 2017 года

The entire upper part of the center console takes a 9-inch screen media system BOSE. In her arsenal navigation system with hard drive, all-sky cameras, permanent satellite link and 11 speakers. Three-zone climate control and is equipped with an ionizer air purifier. The car is equipped with full power in the true sense of the word. Electrified everything from windows to tailgate. On-board processor is equipped with systems of emergency brake assist, stability control, parking assistant, tire-pressure monitoring system. Optics armed with adaptive lighting system, automatic correction vector and pleasant function “take me home” – off headlamps with delay.

Infiniti QX70 пассажирские кресла


Dimensions 2019-2020 Infiniti QX70 will not change, but the car is a little fold curb weight:

  • length – 4865 mm;
  • width excluding mirrors – 1925 mm;
  • Height – 1 650 mm;
  • ground clearance – 185 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2885 mm;
  • curb weight of the basic configuration – 1 950 kg.

Standard wheels – R20, tire size – 265/50. Body Type – wagon. Doors – five, the number of seats – five.

Infiniti QX70

uncontrollable power

Under the bonnet 2019-2020 QX70 will be familiar modified motors and a new engine. V-shaped DOHC powertrains family in the engine compartment are located longitudinally:

  • 6-cylinder petrol engine of 3.7 liter capacity – 335 liters. . With torque – 365 Nm;
  • 8-cylinder gasoline engine 5 liter capacity – 400 liters. . With torque – 500 Nm;
  • 6-cylinder diesel 3 liter capacity – 240 liters. . With torque – 550 Nm;
  • for a new model developed by 3-liter bi-turbo petrol engine capacity of over 350 liters. from.

With the most powerful engine the car accelerates to 250 km / h. Fuel consumption in the combined cycle is 13 liters. Gearbox offered only one. But this is a perfect unit: 7-speed automatic transmission with Adaptive Shift possibility of mechanical switching ranges and function of adaptive management. RWD transmission with the connected front pair. For off-road and the distribution of torque between the axles responds electronic system ATTESA-ETS.

Infiniti QX70 2017