The new BMW X6 2019-2020

The new BMW X6 2019-2020


The new BMW X6 2019-2020 – anticipated by fans of the Bavarian brand, the model of the popular crossover. Now the “SUV” or “Roomster” ceased to be something unusual. In the line of each car maker has at least one machine of this type. Against the background of the new 2019-2020 BMW X6, which experts attribute to the class Sport activity coupe, most of these horses seem simple and not noticeable, as rural horses in the stables with thoroughbred trotter.

Updated appearance

Externally, the new 2019-2020 X6 stands out from the pack to its massive front bumper with large air intakes, a new aerodynamic body solutions that enable almost not to notice the turns and pass them like a huge airliner. On the back surface of the wheel arches made Gill-ducts, which reduces turbulence and, consequently, improve the behavior of the wheels.

On the stern of a new stallion Bavarian brand can be found breeding in different sides of the bumper exhaust pipes and a big plafonds LED-headlight lamps. Door BMW X6 tailgate opens automatically by means of electric and special systems. The latter determines the presence of a person key that came with the machine.

In general, the new crossover from BMW looks elegant and aggressive. The abundance of chrome adds to his luster and gives elegance.

BMW X6 2017 года

Salon Luxury

Iron Horse Saloon, in good German tradition is decorated with genuine leather with contrast stitching. The front panel, which is taken c BMW X5 decorated with inlays of wood and aluminum plates. Seats for driver and front passenger in the new crossover set on high and are equipped with lateral support to hold the body in place during cornering.

Sensors onboard equipment on the new BMW X6 2019-2020 are in the tunnels, and controls – on the center console. This arrangement allows the device to quickly become familiar with driving crossover and make any operation without diverting attention from the road. The steering wheel is embedded keys that duplicate the basic car controls.

Салон BMW X6 2017 года

On the front panel there is a display diagonal of 10.25 inches. He, along with the on-board computer of the machine greatly facilitates the management and use of the functions of the Bavarian iron horse. The screen is seated in a way that is equally easy access to it are the driver and front passenger.

The rear seat is fitted just for 2 passengers. On his vlezut and 3, but the comfort level of accommodation will worsen. Only 2 people in the front headrests are integrated Nine Inch touch screen, where you can play movies or watch TV programs.

The trunk, compared to the previous version of the BMW X6, increase in the volume of 10 dm3 and stout up to 580 liters with the rear and spread out to 1525 liters when folded. The latter figure is 75 liters more than the same model in 2015. Disadvantages of luggage – a large loading height and narrow the gap. They are a little difficult to transport and loading of dimensional things.

BMW X6 2017 года

Specifications BMW X6 2019-2020

The new BMW X6 will be available in versions with three diesel and two petrol engines that meet the ecological standard Euro-6 and can boast a 22% reduced fuel consumption.

Modification engine’s type volume


Power (HP) vertiginous

torque Nm

Fuel consumption per 100 km
XDrive30d diesel 3.0 258 560 6
XDrive40d diesel 3.0 313 630 5.8
M50d diesel 3.0 381 740 6.6
XDrive35i petrol 3.0 306 400 8.5
XDrive50i petrol 4.4 450 650 9.7

BMW X6 2017 года

All versions of the BMW X6 5 in 2019-2020 will be equipped with 8-speed sports gearbox Steptronic type transmission company ZF. These devices will allow the driver to shift gears by means of petals or shift the task to the automatic. board vehicle navigation is integrated in the gearbox. Guided by its data the device will offer the driver the optimum gear for the movement on a particular stretch of road. Steering wheel car will be equipped with electric power and reacts to all movements of the driver’s hands.

Grip, adapt to any weather conditions Bavarian iron horse will provide the xDrive all-wheel drive system, which is properly distribute torque between the wheels and all will leave from any trap.

BMW X6 2017 года

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