The new BMW X5 2019-2020

Bavarian designers announced the release to market in 2019-2020. The new generation BMW X5. Pre-production test is already being tested on Germany’s roads. Photospies lucky enough to take some pictures of the car in camouflage tape.

Scheduled update

The crossover is built on a universal platform CLAR (Cluster Architecture). The same database will be used for long-term X7 SUV and new sedan. The factory index F17 of the new model. The modular platform designed using carbon fiber, aluminum and high-strength steel alloys, will significantly reduce the overall weight of the car. At the same time increase the strength and service life of a bearing skeleton.

BMW Aesthetics are always at the highest level. However, tough market conditions and corporate traditions require constant updating of products. Judging by the photos, the new model BMW X5 2019-2020, radical changes in the exterior does not acquire. Freshen stamps of body parts in the lateral projection. Relief faces become smooth. Window-sill line is slightly lowered, thereby increased glass area. As a result of the restyling increased bumper size, it changes the geometry of the lower air intakes and grille: massive vertical ribs go into the engine compartment depth, updated diffuser exhaust system. More colorful looks head and back optics.


Hi-tech in the flesh

The presented photos of the interior of the new BMW X5 in 2019-2020 indicate that the price of a car is not a fundamental factor in the formation of its appearance and content. Crossover fifth series is intended for solvent public, which means that high-tech equipment and luxury of design are put at the forefront. The architecture of the dashboard and center console slightly redesigned. Wide, 10-inch display premium Harman Kardon media system raised above the plane of the panel. Surround View Video system using four cameras provide all-round visibility. The speakers in the cabin 16. In the back row passengers can be installed in the front headrests 7-inch monitors.

Интерьер BMW X5 2017 года

The steering wheel is adjustable in height and angle in a few bands. The backrest tilts back row within 10 degrees, and the seats themselves move along the interior 75 mm. Four zone climate control. Security is provided by active head restraints, 10 eyrbegov and front curtain. The headlamps are equipped with automatic corrector of light intensity, the slope of the vector, as well as the function of the deviation at the corners.

The photo BMW X5 2019-2020 is presented five- and seven-seat layout. It is also possible variant of the four anatomical seats with ventilation and massage system. In an embodiment, the seven-seater interior access to the third row provides electromechanical transformation system Easy Entry. Tailgate and panoramic sunroof are motorized. LED interior lighting.

BMW X5 2017


The new BMW X5 in 2019-2020 increased in length by 30 mm and nearly a hundred kilos in weight slowed:

  • Length – 4916 mm.
  • Width – 1938 mm.
  • Height – 1762 mm.
  • Ground clearance – 210 mm.
  • Wheelbase – 2933 mm.
  • Curb weight – 1920 kg.

The basic size of wheels – R18, tire size – 255/55. Body of two minivan. Doors – five, the number of seats – five, seven.

BMW X5 2017 года сзади

The exceptional power of choice

The manufacturer does not skimp on a variety of powertrains for its vehicles. The SUV is equipped with a premium for its outstanding performance engines. Continuous improvement leads to a steady increase in the power and reduce fuel consumption. For the BMW X5 in 2019-2020 provided six engines:

  • in-line 4-cylinder gasoline engine – a volume of 2 liters, 250 hp, torque of 350 Nm;
  • in-line 6-cylinder petrol engine – a 3 liter capacity 310 hp and 320 Nm of torque;
  • V-shaped 8-cylinder twin-turbocharged petrol engine – 4.4-liter, 450 hp, torque of 650 Nm;
  • in-line 6-cylinder diesel engine – a 3 liter, 250 hp, torque of 650 Nm;
  • V-shaped 6-cylinder diesel engine – a 3 liter capacity 315 hp and torque of 630 Nm;
  • V-shaped 6-cylinder twin-turbocharged diesel engine – a 3 liter capacity 380 hp and torque of 740 Nm.

It is likely that in 2019-2020 the line X5 engines will extend the new 12-cylinder unit at 600 horsepower The hybrid is equipped with a two-liter version of the engine and the rear axle elekromotorom total capacity of 310 hp Transmission of all modifications to only one – 8-stage hydromechanical automatic Steptronic. Transmission-wheel drive xDrive. Independent multi-link suspension.

BMW X5 2017 года вид сбоку

The new X5 will present officially at the Paris Motor Show in autumn 2019-2020. The first batch of serial production will be implemented in North America. In Russian showrooms crossover will not until next summer. Besides a large selection of engine options and interior design, the manufacturer has made four types of customers suspension: Comfort, Dynamic, Profeshnel and M (Sports). Body color palette includes eleven colors. The car will cost from 4.3 mln. To 5.4 mln. Rub.

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