The new BMW X2 2019-2020


BMW X2 2019-2020 – a compact crossover sport-oriented youth, extraordinary personalities, and people with an active lifestyle. The model has recently been presented at the Paris Motor Show, which earned Forest reviews specialists. Many have noted the bright appearance of the car, an outstanding commitment to style, as well as the desire of developers ahead of time, in introducing innovative technical equipment car security and assistance while driving.


BMW X2 2019-2020 different kind of aggressive. Thanks to the brand “nostrils” radiator grille, angular front optics staple LEDs massive bonnet with protruding punching race car certainly will not get lost in the dense traffic. Dimensions Body Bavarian trends were as follows:

  • length – 4440 mm;
  • height – 1584 mm;
  • width – 1850 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2670 mm.

Новый BMW X2 2018 года

In profile silhouette of the car is not so much like his “brothers» – X4 model and X1. crossover roof is pressed against the feed, which is bordered by the rear lights in the form of broad rectangles with a 3-D effect. Wide air intakes in front and original circular pads on the exhaust system behind the evidence of the nature of sports news. Body X2 is available in three-door and 5-door version.

According to Ian Robertson, served as head of the marketing department of the company, BMW for many years, is a trendsetter in the field of design and luxury car is not going to give the palm to competitors. This statement gave reason to believe that there will be some revolutionary decisions about which customers have not yet reported in the exterior of the BMW X2 2019-2020.

Новый BMW X2 2018 года


The interior of the crossover – the main mystery, as at the last presentation of the interior of the cabin hid dense toning. Most likely, many decorative elements borrow from second generation X1, with the result that the novelty will be equipped with:

  • three-spoke steering wheel;
  • chrome plates on the door trims;
  • retractable screen multimedia system;
  • original leather seating with patella.

In any case, whatever the interior of the BMW X2 2019-2020, he is guaranteed to get a quality, solid and non-standard. Being in such a machine, you feel not just the driver and owner of a unique vehicle, in full compliance with exacting requirements.

Интерьер Новый BMW X2 2018 года


The designers wanted to create a dynamic model, light, unpretentious in operation car, and it’s definitely possible. The basis of the BMW X2 laid fundamentally new platform UKL with independent suspension (front McPherson strut stand, and rear multi-link circuit is located). In the base car will receive only front-wheel drive, and in a more advanced version – xDrive all-wheel drive with electro-hydraulic multi-plate clutch. Among other technical innovations portable crossover should be noted:

  • Ventilated disc brakes;
  • electro-hydraulic power steering;
  • Complex electronic systems, providing confident driving in all conditions.

Новый BMW X2 2018 года

Since the UKL platform BMW X2 2019-2020 is very specific, the location of the power units will only cross. On line motor manufacturer has not officially announced, but we dare to suggest that it is similar to the counterparts of the X1. To make the acceleration dynamics need powerful turbocharged units with a volume in the range of 1.5-2.0 liters, capable of delivering 150-170 “horses”. Not exclude “charged” version of a crossover with great volume and power of 220-250 hp For the European market makers establish a diesel engine with reduced fuel consumption. By 2020, the company has planned a large-scale electrification of the model, so that the production line will come a hybrid version of BMW X2.

Motors planned to assemble two types of transmission: 6-speed manual transmission and 8-band gun. Which meant to give preference – does not matter, because both options provide instant feedback motor, good dynamics of dispersal, no problems with switching. The presence of 6 and 8 assists, respectively, shows a high maximum speed of the car that will please fans of rolled with the wind.

Новый BMW X2 2018 года

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