The new Audi A7 2019-2020

Audi goes on the offensive in the premium segment. The manufacturer announced the release to market in 2019-2020. Audi A7. The car became more expensive, comfortable, and technologically. The level of equipment and finishes of any no way inferior to the executive class cars. The shape of the car body refers to the coupe type, but for vehicles in this segment coined a new name – sportbek.

improving perfect

The refreshed model Audi A7 2019-2020 there was a new radiator grille. The grille has become a little more, it falls to the splitter. While the front bumper visually absent, the plane body parts with lattice structures form a single monolith. Along the perimeter bordered by chrome moldings lining. Chrome decorated and the front faces of the transverse ribs. Very expensive three-lens optical head lights with LED elements have become a bit longer. The whole formed a predatory look. Chief designer Marc Lichte said that the current update will be the last change in the shape of a classic car. What can you add to the perfect car? The next generation will be designed from scratch.

Audi A7 2017

Soft edges kinks body elements not only create an aesthetic effect, but also greatly improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the body. The drag coefficient of just 0.28 Cx. Body line itself has not changed. In the photo the Audi A7 2019-2020 is noticeable that slightly retouched aft. Changed design of optics and geometry of the plastic lining with exhaust vents at the bottom of the bumper. At speeds above 130 km / h the spoiler extends automatically. By using a new chassis MLB, the vehicle felt better nearly 100 kg. In order to reduce the weight of wide design (20%) used aluminum and carbon fiber.

Новый Audi A7 2017

Everything your heart desires

Interior new Audi A7 2019-2020 is decorated with sophistication and style. For upholstery used expensive grade genuine leather special tanning and natural polished wood. Multiwheel equipped with heated rim. The raised center console and seats with lateral support adds a touch of sportiness. In the spirit of the professional track car cockpit features: divided scales tilted towards the driver. LED Backlight.

Салон Audi A7 2017

Above the vents of the ventilation system on the driver’s eye level is a 7-inch monitor onboard media system. Sound complex is equipped with a full processor capacity of 60 GB. hard disk memory is enough for Russian maps of accommodation in a three-dimensional design and the phone book on 5000 numbers. Media Centre distributes the signal Wi-Fi.

Standard equipment is very luxurious – it includes adaptive cruise control, dual-zone climate control (optional four-zone is proposed), seats with massage function, all-sky cameras, 6 airbags. It goes without saying for a car of this class is the availability of exchange rate stability and a parking pilot. A7 is equipped with a system of semi-autonomous driving with a powerful set of scanning the roadway directly on the course, including an infrared camera. Optionally, set all produced concern digital automotive systems.

Audi A7 2017 приборная панель


Dimensions Audi A7 2019-2020 correspond to the size of its predecessor:

  • length – 4974 mm;
  • width – 1910 mm;
  • Height – 1 420 mm;
  • ground clearance – 145 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2915 mm;
  • curb weight of the base version – 1 690 kg.

Standard wheel size R17, tire size – 235/55. Body Style – Coupe (sportbek). Number of doors – five seats – five.

Audi A7 2017

Fuel economy is not the main criterion

The new Audi A7 2019-2020 provides a powerful V-shaped six-cylinder turbocharged power units, five gasoline and one heavy fuel:

  • volume 2.8 l, capacity of 205 hp, 280 Nm of torque;
  • volume 2.8 l, capacity of 220 hp, torque of 350 Nm;
  • volume 3 l capacity 335 hp, 440 Nm of torque;
  • 4 liter, 450 hp, torque of 550 Nm;
  • diesel – volume of 3 liter capacity 252 hp, 580 Nm torque.

The motors are equipped with valve timing control system Audi Valvelift System. Thanks to her, together with a system of “stop-start” is achieved over a ten percent fuel savings. The three-liter engine in the urban cycle consumes 13 liters per hundred kilometers. However, for this class of car fuel consumption it is not the primary indicator. Two transmissions: the seven-speed robotized S-tronic and CVT Multitronic. Drivetrain front and all-wheel drive. The independent air suspension is adjustable and has three settings: Comfort, Auto and Dynamic. Two recent mode automatically reduces the ride height by 25 mm at speeds of over 120 km / h. Maximum speed is electronically limited at the turn of 250 km / h.

Home sales in Russia, and the cost of equipment

The new Audi A7 will be assembled in the workshops of the concern Audi Folsksvagen in Kassel and at the beginning of 2019-2020 will appear in Russian stores sales. Variants of paint finishes and fourteen. The minimum cost of premium sportbeka planned 3.2 mln. Rub. maximum version cost about 6 million.