The 2018-2019 Ferrari 458 Speciale A

Spider 2018-2019 Ferrari 458 Speciale A (Aperta) will be a very interesting offer for the true fans of the Italian brand, and car collectors. The most powerful in the history of 2018-2019 Ferrari supercar with an open top for mass production is not calculated. It is planned to release 499 vehicles equipped with an engine-record. On impact of a V-shaped “eight” have no equal among similar atmospheric engines. Higher performance can only boast of a supercharged units.

4.5-liter open 2018-2019 Ferrari Speciale 458 has an output 605 horsepower (135 liter working volume) at 9000 rev / min and torque of 540 Nm at 6000 rev / min. “Best Performance Engine” Three times this V8 honored with awards, what is intended to resemble a special plaque in the cabin.

Spider is not inferior to the previous year represented a compartment in the acceleration from zero to hundred kilometers per hour, showing the result of three seconds flat. Time lap Fiorano test track was 1’23 “5, which is identical to the coupe figures. 50 extra padding added folding roof mechanism, open supercar not done anything wrong.

The car is yellow with a two-tone stripe and 5-spoke forged alloy wheels. Getting rid of the aluminum top happens in just 14 seconds. Landslide sporty driving in a race track ensures control of the angle of sideslip Side Slip Angle Control (SSC), active aerodynamic elements and rigid chassis. Interior of the 2018-2019 Ferrari 458 Speciale A partially decorated blue carbon fiber, and the seats are covered with Alcantara inserts with yellow technical fabric with 3D-effect.

Photo 2018-2019 Ferrari 458 Speciale A