The 2018-2019 BMW 1 Series M by Vorsteiner – the ease and power of the compact 2018-2019 BMW Coupe

Especially for the annual festival Bimmerfest, passing in California, Vorsteiner has prepared its own version of a compact rear-wheel drive coupe 2018-2019 BMW 1 Series M. tuning changes made by the masters concerned and the exterior of the vehicle with the intervention in the comfort and equipment of the interior, and internal technical component where the coupe gets more horsepower under the hood.

Made of carbon fiber exterior aerodynamics package of the 2018-2019 BMW 1 Series M by Vorsteiner includes modified bumpers, whose purpose – to reduce the resistance to the oncoming airflow and increase downforce, as well as a front splitter and rear diffuser that improve the speed limits and optimize emerging from under the bottom of the car airflow.

The trunk lid 2018-2019 BMW 1 Series M was replaced by a lighter with integrated spoiler modest size of the original form. To improve the adhesion characteristics of the road, Vorsteiner offers special wheels with coupe T6-6062 brand made of aircraft-grade aluminum lightweight wheels. tire size can be either 20 or 21 inches, and the wheels themselves with Y-shaped spokes family painted matt dark gray.

The power unit of the Bavarian coupe 1 Series M added 15 horsepower and 7 Newton meters of maximum torque. Vehicle exhaust system equipped with the original four-pipe, which on request may be made from stainless steel or titanium. It is because of original exhaust system under the hood of the 2018-2019 BMW 1 Coupe M Vorsteiner and increased horsepower.

Picture 2018-2019 BMW 1 Series M Vorsteiner