Suzuki SX4 2019-2020


In 2006 the company “Suzuki” in cooperation with the Italian “Fiat” has launched a compact crossover in the class. Over a ten-year history of the production model has undergone a total renovation. And in March at the Geneva Motor Show was presented the new generation of “Suzuki» SX4, whose release is scheduled to begin in 2019-2020. The concept model is completely updated, with a precursor of his associates except the name.

cardinal update

Appearance “Suzuki” SX4 2019-2020 is the epitome of pure oriental motifs, from the previous generation European exterior was gone. Body type hatchback wagon replaced. Against the background of total degradation of art design in Japan is original appearance of the crossover in recent years, concise and extravagant at the same time. Windscreen given a significant, like sports cars, the angle of inclination. The arc of the roof falls towards the stern, simulating the coupe body. The side view of the continuous effect of glazing create a painted black front, the middle rack and frame doors. Small windows on the front and rear racks are gone, window-sill line sharply rushes to the roof. At the level of the door handles along the entire side of the head optics to feed lampshades stretched relief aerodynamic line.

Suzuki SX4

For the car created a new lighting fixtures. DRL LEDs with chrome lining combined in one unit with the side air intakes. grille consists of the original perforated plates. Stamp bonnet refreshed two ribs and a smooth relief. Large radius of the wheel arches, leaving at the bottom of the plastic protection on the bumpers, door sill duralumin, minimal overhangs hint at the car’s off-road character. The new “Suzuki” is characterized by a high degree of protection of passengers. The results of the tests EuroNCAP awarded the highest score.

Decent minimum

Design of interior decoration has undergone fundamental changes. For “Suzuki” SX4 2019-2020 created a new salon. On the instrument panel between the two wells of analog instruments placed color 4.2-inch display of the onboard processor. The center console 6-inch touch screen monitor with decorative edging combined into one unit with air vents. Media system is equipped with an integrated navigation system. The choice of clients is offered several options registration of the upholstery, the use of inlays of aluminum and chromium, polychrome decoration dashboard and center console.

Интерьер Suzuki SX4 2017 года

The increase in size has allowed put together a more spacious and comfortable cabin. Anatomical front seats received an effective lateral support. On the back of the recess arranged in the backside that with increasing distance from the back of the sofa makes it more convenient placement of the second-row passengers. The luggage compartment volume of 462 liters – the most extensive in its class of vehicles.

Electronic and electromechanical equipment of the basic version is rather poor, but includes all the necessary elements: ABS with brake force distribution and emergency braking, cruise control, air conditioning, power mirrors, heated front seats.

Suzuki SX4


Crossover “Suzuki” SX4 2019-2020 significantly increased in size, which allowed him to go to the next small middle class:

  • length – 4300 mm;
  • width – 1765 mm;
  • height – 1585 mm;
  • clearance – 180 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2600 mm;
  • curb weight – 1 105 kg.

Standard wheels – R16, tire size – 205/60. Body – a two-volume versatile. Doors – five, the number of seats – five.

Suzuki SX4 сзади

Changing engines generations

Even last year at the Shanghai motor show manufacturer announced a new power unit with direct injection BoosterJet. The innovative design is characterized by the exceptional dynamic performance and low CO 2 emissions. Presented production version will be the beginning of a new range of engines for future vehicles of the family. Total for “Suzuki” SX4 2019-2020 offers two petrol engines and one engine on heavy fuel:

  • Petrol Engine: volume – 1,6 l, capacity – 118 liters. . With torque – 156 Nm;
  • turbocharged petrol engine BoosterJet: volume – 1,4 l, capacity – 140 liters. . With torque – 220 Nm;
  • the development of “Fiat” – a diesel-engine DDIS: volume – 1,6 l, capacity – 120 liters. with torque -. 280 Nm.

Options three gearboxes: mechanical 5-and 6-speed and 6-speed automatic. Drivetrain front-wheel and 4×4. The distribution of torque to both axles provides the electronic system of the new generation of 4WD AllGrip. Depending on road conditions, the driver with washer-variator in the center console can choose from four driving modes: “Auto”, “Sport”, “Snow” and “inter-axle differential lock.” All motors are equipped with a system of “stop-start” to reduce fuel consumption in the urban cycle.

Suzuki SX4 2017 года