ROUSH 2018-2019 Ford Mustang – 2018-2019 Ford Mustang tuning supercar

ROUSH 2018-2019 Ford Mustang – 2018-2019 Ford Mustang tuning supercar

In April , the American tuning company Roush Performance has presented its version of the supercar 2018-2019 Ford Mustang model year. The project, called Stage 3 Roush Mustang received a number of external changes and increased capacity 5.0-liter engine with eight cylinders. It is worth noting that the company from Michigan has extensive experience in preparing masklkarov, so 2018-2019 Ford Mustang is one of the most frequent guests of the developer.

Supercar 2018-2019 Ford received from Roush Performance aggressive appearance, a match that came increased power V8 engine. After the intervention of specialists became the owner of the car 565 horsepower, which has led to not only equip efficient supercharger own development, but also the firmware on your electronic brain way control system.

2018-2019 Ford Mustang also received a lowered suspension with powerful anti-roll bars and 18-inch wheels with light aluminum wheels and sports tires Cooper. Cost Stage 3 Roush Mustang in the US market is a little over 50 thousand dollars, but for those who have limited means to buy a car, the company offers a “budget” version of the modified supercar.

What is the difference more affordable version of the 2018-2019 Ford Mustang Roush Performance from the supercar released earlier? The new project of American tuners built on a Mustang based on the 2018-2019 Ford 6-cylinder V-engine under the hood, which has not undergone any changes. The power unit working volume of 3.7 liters develops 305 horsepower, which is also a very decent figure.

Outside the 6-cylinder version of the car is similar to the 8-cylinder supercar. The front bumper looks more massive due to the pronounced grille, located at the bottom of the bumper splitter improves aerodynamics door sill and the rear there is a stylish spoiler. Whoever ROUSH Mustang on color and black metallic. Its sides are present «R» badges symbolizing supercar belonging to Roush Performance.

2018-2019 Ford Mustang V6 was a sport suspension, a decline of about one inch over the standard. It was enough to lower the center of gravity and improve handling characteristics. Supercar shod in 19-inch alloy wheels with sports tires and equipped with a braking system known Brembo. Inside the ROUSH 2018-2019 Ford Mustang V6 fitted sports seats with leather trim, steering wheel with suede trim, the original gear lever and floor mats with the tuner’s logo.

Photos 2018-2019 Ford Mustang V6 Roush

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