Ram Heavy Duty

Ram Heavy Duty

Car Ram Heavy Duty afford any hard work. Full-size pickups proved themselves as the “workhorses” and in many respects superior to classmates. Cars can take away a lot of that weighty in the body, but even more able to pull of a trailer. To competitors have not been able to approach too close, Chrysler trucks constantly upgrades and improves their quality of consumer.

As a rule, manufacturers allocate pickups reinforced rigid suspension. Therefore, in the course of the loaded vehicle is softer than that of the blank. Updated Ram 2500, being unloaded, not vytryaset soul from the driver through the rear 5-arm suspension for optimal smoothness. Even more powerful Ram 3500 as an option plan to equip the air suspension, and for good load capacity (3.3 tons) correspond to spring Hotchkiss.

2018-2019 Dodge Ram HD model year is available with twelve tones the body, two of which – Blue Streak blue and dark brown Granite Crystal – are new to the model. The car can be one-color or color combination. More from external updates, you must note the new alloy wheels dimension of 18 and 20 inches.

Features towing impressive. Ram 2500 will take a trailer full weight of 8 tons. Ram 3500 does claim the laurels of a truck tractor as able to pull the 14-ton trailer.

The initial engine for the Ram HD was the HEMI V-8 volume of 5.7 liters, develops power of 383 horsepower at 5600 rpm and torque of 542 Nm at 4000 rpm. Another engine HEMI V-8 with a working volume of 6.4 liters develops 410 horsepower and 582 Nm of torque.

The motors are combined with a 6-speed automatic transmission 66RFE. In developed traction ahead of the expected I proved diesel Cummins I-6 with three performance options depending on the gearbox. In a modification to a 6-speed manual engine generates a power of 350 hp and a torque of 894 Nm, with a gun 68RFE motor output is 370 l / s and 1084 Nm. With the 6-speed automatic AS69RC from the famous Japanese company Aisin diesel fully disclose their potential, developing the capacity of 385 l / s and a torque of 1151 Nm. Pickups Ram Heavy Duty are available with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive with two types of transfer cases to choose from.

Price Ram truck from Chrysler starts from 29 600 dollars for the version HD 2500 engine 5.7. On cars are given a three-year warranty (58,000 kilometers), while the engine and powertrain warranty is 5 years or 160,000 kilometers.

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