New Volvo S60 2019-2020


Swedish designers work tirelessly to improve the middle class sedan. At the beginning of next year it is expected the official presentation of Volvo S60 2019-2020 lineup. Appearance of the car will be processed in accordance with the new brand design concept. Security and electronic equipment always remain at the highest world level.

The Old New Thing

“Volvo» S60 2019-2020 is constructed on the universal SPA chassis. A special feature of this platform is a widespread use of light alloys. From aluminum manufactured almost all suspension parts, and a lateral spring – carbon fiber. The appearance will be identical to the S90 model. All the updated cars “Volvo” has influenced the conceptual sample Estate Concept. The line of the roof at a steep angle enters the rear window and the boot lid plane. Smooth lines gives the impression of a hatchback instead of a sedan and the external appearance gives an extraordinary lightness. A striking feature of the S60 is expressive optics with a T-shaped elements of the DRL. The original design of the LED was named “Hammer of Thor”.

Volvo S60 2017 года

The Swedes returned clearance of their products authentic radiator grille in the form of vertical ribs of the “whalebone”. Grille as before coated with chrome, and the ribs themselves slightly concave inward. The rear lights are furnished in the form of large plates. Thanks to a peculiar architecture optics brand cars 70-90 years of release were easily recognizable. Making stern perspective sedan revives family style with a modern edge. Body modification will have a LONG long to complete premium.

Comfortable and safe

completely new materials used for interior trim. Excellence silent soft plastics, leather manufacture special, high-strength textile pleasant to the touch and combined with a polished wood create the unique charm of elitism. The photo “Volvo” the S60 in 2019-2020 you can see the new design of the front panel, “floating” console, door panel and seats. Instrument cluster – graphic diagonal 8 inches. Most of the keys are made touch. The center console is placed 9-inch touch screen monitor Sensus Connect. Mediasistema equipped with a hard drive, the ability to support a satellite Internet channel, digital radio and voice control. Available application for Volvo On Call smartphone.

Although the car is designed for five seats comfortable it will feel only four. Front seats and rear seats are equipped with lateral support and an effective heating system. The front seats are equipped with a massage mechanism.

Салон Volvo S60 2017 года

Intelligent filling includes Pilot Assist semi-autonomous driving system. The electronic assistant can independently operate the machine at a speed of up to 130 km / h provided readable markup and not overloaded with traffic. circular control complex consists of four cameras, high-frequency radar and infrared lidar. Sensors continuously monitor the emergency stop situation on the road straight ahead and in the event of obstacles to activate the braking system. Sensitive electronics is able to distinguish the vehicle from a pedestrian, cyclist and the wild animal.


New “Volvo» S60 2019-2020 corresponds to the urban class «D» on the parameters:

  • length – 4635 mm;
  • width – 1585 mm;
  • height – 1484 mm;
  • ground clearance – 140 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2778 mm;
  • curb weight – 1450 kg.

Standard wheels – R16, tire size – 205/60. Body – three-volume sedan. Number of doors – four seats – five.

Volvo S60 2017 года

The configurations of engines and transmissions

New “Volvo» S60 2019-2020 will be equipped with an innovative line 4-cylinder petrol engines Drive-E turbo-charged:

  • T3: volume – 1,6 l, capacity – 150 liters. . With torque – 245 Nm;
  • T5: volume – 2 l, capacity – 245 liters. with torque -. 350 Nm.

The basic version is designed front wheel. The car on the request of customers can be provided with a drive to all four wheels. gasoline 6-cylinder power unit is provided for the transmission 4×4:

  • T6: volume – 3 l, capacity – 305 liters. with torque -. 440 Nm.

Engines aggregated four-wheel drive 6-speed manual, 6-speed Geartronic robot, 6-speed automatic the Powershift, 8-band automatic Geartronic. Motors Drive-E have exceptional performance efficiency. The engine of 1.6 liters with manual transmission for a hundred kilometers requires just 4.5 liters of fuel. All motors are equipped with systems of “stop-start” and energy recovery during braking.

Volvo S60 2017 года