New Toyota Rav 4 2019-2020


Toyota Rav 4 2019-2020, whose photos can already be seen on the network in the public domain, was pleasantly surprised fans Fine, but rather massive SUVs.

When creating the fourth generation of Japanese SUV, focuses on the wide use of new materials and technologies. A good designers have tried hard to make the crossover had striking features of a sports car.

It should be noted that this big car eased by almost 10%. This result was achieved thanks to the use of composite materials in the body structure.

Toyota Rav 4 2016 года

Surprised as well, and a hybrid version of the SUV, capable of delivering 190 hp, with fuel consumption of 4.4 liters. 100 km. Innovative engine was borrowed from a similar Lexus model. Therefore, for many Toyota outgrowth considerably in the eyes of both the prestigious class of car.

Exterior of the new Toyota Rav April 2019-2020

As mentioned earlier, the exterior of the new version of the crossover has a pronounced sports car line. The most noticeable change is observed in front of the body.

  1. Substantially changed the shape of the front bumper and the entire nose of the whole.
  2. Appearance of the car has become more expressive due to a new head optics. Both the front and rear lights have gained sudden, pronounced contoured shape.
  3. All filling lighting for the entire range of xenon in the basic equipment. All LED lights, starting from the head of optics, finishing lighting.
  4. The door is now opened up the trunk, as well as all new SUV in its class.
  5. Fog lights are an unusual concept, they are located at a great distance from each other, and immediately attracted the attention of expressive form.
  6. Radiator grille made quite gracefully, and repeats the shape of the bonnet.

General profile of car as a whole was not affected. This applies in the same size of wheels and discs. Because looking at the side of the car, it is difficult to notice belonging to the restyled version.

Toyota Rav 4 2016 года

It should be noted that sports design trends reflected in the general form of the Toyota version. It now looks more aggressive than the previous model, a leader on the road.


Earlier, the experts noted that for this class of car, the SUV was too simple interior decoration. The creators of the model range Toyota RAV April 2019-2020 eliminated this defect, and now in the cabin, you can see the expensive materials, in comparison with previous models. Also notes the diversity of their use. if desired, the client can choose the materials for the upholstery of seats and those of which the panel will be made.

Torpedo increased in size, on the steering wheel there is an advanced set of features. Electronic filling became more thorough, the creators of the new version will try to all the fashion trends for smart cars were used in it. All devices are more vivid and readable backlit.

Toyota Rav 4 2016 года салон

Diagonal new monitor – 4.2 inches. The rear parking sensors, an upgraded multimedia system, an electronic camera, installed navigation software – all included in the standard set of the basic configuration of the car.

The modified seats for rear passengers should be given special attention. Now their backs are thinner, and the free space in the rear increased significantly. If the lower back, the boot capacity will be 2000 liters.


The car has increased slightly in size. Despite this, its design has a lower weight, which did not prevent enhanced suspension.

Toyota Rav 4 2016 года

following engine configuration will be presented on the Russian market:

  • two-liter petrol, issuing 146 hp .;
  • 180 horses has a petrol engine of 2.5 L .;
  • diesel engine capacity of 2.2 liters. 150 hp

The transmission will be available as well in three versions:

  • dedicated six mechanics;
  • continuously variable;
  • six-speed automatic transmission.

The drive can select 4×4 or front only.

Dynamics of cars is quite high, the modification to the engine to 2.5 liters. It accelerates to 100 km / s for 9.3 seconds.

Complete sets for the Russian market:

  • “Classic”
  • “Standard”
  • “Comfort”
  • “Elegance”
  • “Prestige”
  • “The prestige of Safety”

Toyota Rav 4 2016 года