New Suzuki Jimny 2019-2020


Suzuki Jimny 2019-2020 – new SUV of the Japanese company. To date it is not known what the serial number to get the car, so let’s get together on that hereafter we will call a novelty either exactly or with an attachment in the form specified in the title of the year.

A summary of the Jimny model

New Suzuki Jimny 2019-2020 issue, the premiere of which also is not advertised by the Japanese, in general, will be similar to its predecessor. The focus of the engineers and designers in the manufacturing process of its successor was given to finalizing the previously submitted the details of exterior and interior.

Jimny model will soon outlive its 50 years since the “birth”. In 1968, the assembly line went down the first Japanese company unit “mini SUV”, which, incidentally, was originally released under the name Light Jeep – LJ. Actually, Jimny – a combination of the words jeep and mini. Just after the date of such a round the Japanese are preparing a surprise to his fans. SUV, according to insiders, much transformed, but at the same time retain the familiar outline.

Suzuki Jimny 2017 года

Exterior Suzuki Jimny 2019-2020 model year

In the photo, snared, Suzuki Jimny 2019-2020 looks fresh, as opposed to the current version, sold in the market. It should also be noted that for the most part it renders. In my eyes at the first cursory viewing rushes Triplex frame and five-section false radiator grille. When former small dimensions of body radiator has now become even less. The same can be said of the front bumper. Actually, this kind of changes to the car design allowed engineers to install fog significantly above the area where they were stationed earlier.

Suzuki Jimny 2017 года

Hood, as shown in the pictures turned out to be new. It was redesigned its opening / closing system, as journalists say. Again, these changes, in turn, allowed to set in the hood area of ​​the additional air intake.

Honestly, anything other than the above, the Japanese were not able to offer drivers. And thanks for that, as they say. We add only that, according to journalistic sources, off-road length increased by almost 3 cm, which, however, will not be noticeable to the naked eye. In the rest of the vehicle remained faithful bygone achievements, thanks to which he is still loved and respected by fans and even competitors.

Suzuki Jimny 2017 года

Suzuki Jimny 2019-2020 Interior

Inside the cabin Suzuki Jimny 2019-2020 issue, as always, everything is simple, but not enough to alienate the eyes of any onlookers. Ergonomics, traced in the interior of the updated SUV is strategically adjacent to the remarkable technical component. Luggage, though not as such (in general, it is too small), but access to it is still possible, if we collect the back row seat seats (to make large spaces). On them it is worth saying is that within them is still an adult will feel themselves insecure. We are for their part say that this SUV in its price category that is for your eyes.

Systems of safety and traffic control car, insist on what insiders have been improved. There are two front airbags, side support, ABS, brake assist, 7-inch touch screen, set within a good visibility in the area of ​​processed dashboard. Air conditioning is also redesigned. There Navigator and Bluetooth, available heated front seats.

End consumers have a choice in terms of different upholstery variants available have artificial and natural leather, which covered basic elements of the interior, as well as the option of textile equipment.

Suzuki Jimny 2017 года

Technical characteristics of the updated model SUV

From the point of view of tehdannye, which boasts a brand new Suzuki Jimny 2019-2020 SUV clear winner in its category: Journalists argue that dispersed to the promised power level within the 100 horsepower it has the strength. Acceleration to a value of 100 km / h the car is able to complete the passage on the second hand mark 14 seconds. The maximum that can be obtained from the car, speeding up to the limit of its possibilities, so to see it a value of about 160 km / h on the speedometer.

Suzuki Jimny 2017 года