New Skoda Kodiak (Kodiaq) 2019-2020 year


The Czech carmaker is launching a new crossover. The car is named after the archipelago in Alaska. Skoda Kodiak (a different spelling – Kodiaq) 2019-2020 year is for and Chinese markets. Its development began in 2012. Prototypes have met many times on the public roads of Western Europe. However, the final shape was determined only at the end of last year. The official presentation is expected this autumn at the Paris International Motor Show.

The concept of a series

Outside crossover Skoda Kodiak 2019-2020 lineup is almost entirely borrowed from the concept car Vision S, which was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March. At the heart of the crossover with a reliable platform MQB transverse engine. For the Czech manufacturer model is revolutionary in many ways. The design is deliberate in sporty and dynamic style that is intended to attract the attention of a young audience. Front part: head optics, grille, air intakes niche – executed with uncompromising sharp angles and straight lines. Monumental appearance reported massive vertical slats false-grille. All faces of the body rovnoocherchenye. Doors are quite high. glazing area is uniformly tapered from the front pillar to the rear.

The lower body edge, wheel arches, the upper bound of the inlet bordered by gray plastic. Along the sides stretch characteristic of the entire line of Skoda shallow longitudinal depression. At the level of the hood and window sill line feed connects expressive edge. Aft is a bit like SUVs Audi. The original element is stretching the entire width of the red band brake lights and rear fog light is located under the threshold of the door. In the lower part of the bumper fairing deflectors integrated round tailpipes.

Skoda Kodiak 2016-2017 года

Very serious equipment

Skoda Kodiak 2018 by equipping is one notch below the flagship Superba. For the first time in the Czech car is equipped with a digital instrument panel. Standard equipment includes two-zone climate control, heated mirrors, front and rear elektrosteklopodmniki, heated front seats, adaptive cruise control, a system of monitoring blind spots, electronic parking brake, a dynamic system of exchange rate stability, an assistant at startup on the rise, 6 airbags.

Optional features an integrated navigation system, video-round view, ventilated front seats, parking pilot, assistant when towing a trailer, a complex monitoring of road markings and signs, preheating power plant, engine start button, rain and light sensors, electric tailgate.

The first Czech designers have created a car with three rows of seats. And in the feed quite spacious, it can comfortably travel not only children but also adults. In the five-seater cabin version provides the same space for the front seats and rear passengers. The boot capacity of 640 liters is quite impressive. When he unfolded the third number is reduced to 460. If you add a second series of the luggage compartment will increase to a record 1 750 liters.

Салон Skoda Kodiak 2016-2017 года

Technical specifications

In size Skoda Kodiak 2017 midsize SUV:

  • Length – 4700 mm.
  • Width – 1850 mm.
  • Height – 1720 mm.
  • Ground clearance – 200 mm.
  • Wheelbase – 2790 mm.
  • Curb weight – 1 530 kg.

The size of standard wheel R17, tire size – 235/55. Body Type – wagon. Doors – five seats – five, seven.

Skoda Kodiak 2016-2017 года

Performance characteristics, engine and suspension.

Skoda Kodiaq 2019-2020 year will be equipped with five inline 4-cylinder turbocharged engine production Volkswagen parent company:

  • the TSI gasoline engine – 1.4-liter, 125 hp power .;
  • gasoline engine TSI – 2 l, capacity of 180 hp .;
  • gasoline engine TSI – 2 l, capacity of 220 hp .;
  • diesel engine TDI – 2 l, capacity of 150 hp .;
  • diesel engine TDI – 2 l, capacity of 185 hp

Skoda Kodiak 2016-2017 года

Maximum speed of the car with a small-displacement engine reaches 190 km / h. Fuel consumption mixed mode 4.7 liters. Acceleration to 100 km / h takes 10.5 seconds. Technical equipment is similar to Volkswagen Tiguan XL. Transmission six-speed manual and 6-and 7-Range robots with double clutch. Drive forward or 4x4s. Front suspension Independent type McPherson. Depending on drive type rear suspension is semi-independent torsion beam with a cross in the front-wheel modification or multi-link at the all-wheel drive.

Kodiak equip tested on Superb adaptive chassis Dynamic Chassis Control, which offers three driving modes: “normal”, comfortable and sporty. All-wheel drive modification will have an intelligent system that modifies the settings of the engine, ABS and stability control, depending on road conditions.

Skoda Kodiak 2016-2017 года