New Renault Fluence 2019-2020


A few years ago, the French had the sense to replace the existing at that time a model Megane compact car with a set of advanced features. And in 2017, the entire automotive world met Renault Fluence. Since novelty is not just being modified, and in 2019-2020 Renault Fluence model will be released in a completely new, according to spy photos.

A bit of useful information about the model

New left in possession of the platform the Nissan the C, can not be said about her appearance. Its design is significantly improved due to the fact that the French have always managed to please their fans in this moment. Renault manufacturer Imagination knows no bounds, because all their model – a small masterpiece.

Renault Fluence 2019-2020, the sample remained the same, but at the same time the car pleases your improvements. It already looked through the body. Slightly retouched body around the perimeter at the same time became noticeably expressive. False radiator grille has been slightly rethought, but remained in the same place.

Appearance of new items

Retouched body in harmony with Svetosistema, which was also slightly redesigned. At the same time, the lights do not change the appearance: all the same elongated shape, the same curved contours – it has been and remains the hallmark of the French.

lighting devices presented halogen bulbs. French also provided an opportunity for the installation of xenon lamps that will cost the driver a little more expensive than halogen headlights.

Lights on the back of the Renault Fluence 2019-2020 release are made of LED lamps. Wheels on Wheels have not changed: the choice offered 15- and 17-inch, depending on the configuration.

a new generation of Interior received a number of improvements

Salon updated Renault Fluence in 2019-2020 will please fans of the additional and enhanced comfort by increasing the free space. There will also be pleasing to the eye to watch the new seat upholstery. The driver is primarily interested in the instrument panel, which has changed significantly since the days of the previous version.

Photo Renault Fluence new generation indicate that the second row of seats turned evasive. This unusual configuration allows you to travel inside the car as long as possible, thus physiologically man does not get tired. Tilting backrest of the second row of seats has been increased by 27 degrees, resulting in French and this effect was achieved.

The dashboard is made of soft and pleasant to the touch plastic. On it you can find access to navigation, which is directly connected to the satellite and media system. Renault Fluence 2019-2020 driver has more options to control their cars due to the convenient location of all necessary instruments, elements and information. Also pleasing design leather steering wheel and door cards. On the dashboard, you can turn on the heating of glass and mirrors, set the parameters for controlling the dual-zone climate control.

Pleases good noise isolation: if you close all the doors and turn off all auto control system, you can relax or just spend time in tranquility.

The security system is fully intelligent innovations, and in the presence of the passengers of the car as much as 4 airbags.

Specifications Model 2019-2020 sample Fluence

While there is no official information about the technical data of the next generation of the Fluence, but sources close to the French company, argue that there is significant change can be expected. It gives the right to assume that the new Fluence will be delivered or a 1.6-liter engine or a 2-liter. The first motor mounted under the hood in the previous generation, gave power of 110 horsepower, while the second could be obtained at 30 “horses” more.

The current version of Renault Fluence consumes only 5.6 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, and it seems that the updated model will retain this feature. This is facilitated by an electric power steering installed in cars. The French assured that new products are reviewed now and a long time working on this, to finally get improved performance.