New Renault Duster 2019-2020


When the French produced the first generation of Duster, whose entry into the market was held back in 2009, they did not expect that the car will become so popular. On the territory of the Russian cars became popular immediately after its launch at authorized dealers, which contributed to the low cost and good technical data. The display can be seen spy photos, the new Renault Duster 2019-2020 will be little changed externally, in particular – above, in contrast to the current version.

What you need to know about the model in the first place

Compact crossover released by the French, found a buyer very quickly. This was facilitated by a nice and modern design, good flotation in the hard pavement, reasonable price.

The technology, which is scheduled for release next year, will be higher by as much as 15 centimeters. The length of the car 4.5 meters, which means that the optional third row of seats will be in the cabin. The appearance of the updated models in the markets of many countries will be held closer to the middle of 2019-2020.

Exterior updated brutal Duster 2019-2020

Compact form in the current version of the Renault Duster smoothly and moved into a new generation. New pleased all the same modern design and expressive form.

Brutal appearance of the car turned out as a result of punching, resulting in noticeable sharp corners on the perimeter of the body turned out. The radiator grille is now made in the metal shade and externally framed in a complicated pattern. The air intake can boast significantly greater dimensions, which was made possible thanks to the increased height model. It is located around the perimeter of the front bumper and does a great job than before.

Edging black plastic strip located at the bottom, from front to rear bumper. The wheel arches have also been edged with a black shade.

Svetosistema completely changed. Now the lights and lights in the form made in a refined style, and the light emitted by them, became softer and brighter.

French Interior Duster

If you look inside the Renault Duster 2019-2020 sample saloon year, there immediately catches the eye as much as 3 rows of seats. This allowed the French to the comfort and convenience to place around the perimeter of up to 7 passengers. However, the last – third – row seat is initially only an additional option, and so access to it is possible only in case of immediate need.

Finishing materials cabin Renault Duster, which will be released in 2019-2020, are similar to futuristic elements, arriving at the moment of the near future.

The driver will be interested in the instrument panel, which has received a number of changes. In accordance with the trends of contemporary display with touch controls will be located on it. If it was in the previous generation, the updated version of the French positioned it a little higher and significantly changed the “stuffing”. The high location of the multimedia screen due to the fact that the current model can be seen on a clear day glare on the screen that is not good, because as a driver at the same time clearly see the information on it.

Roof trends due to the additional number of seats decreased volumes, which, however, is not so bad, as the remaining space with the head enough for immediate needs.

Form chairs should be changed, as the French are aimed at rethinking their location and appearance. As a result, passengers will have more convenience in traveling. The climate control system will also be revised, and the steering wheel can be adjusted and set at any position.


The motor under the hood remains the same, because here it is not necessary to wait for surprises. The French say that Renault Duster 2019-2020 will be all the same 1.6- and 2-liter engines. But it will be added to the turbo, which will support the work of diesel fuel. Thanks to him, you can develop a power of 130 horsepower, while all other engines are able to squeeze all 100 “horses”.

It is safe to expect that the new Renault Duster French car manufacturers will be presented both variants of the transmission. As usual, some drivers prefer the mechanical power transmission, while others are used to and would never part with automatic. The company promises that everything will remain unchanged.