New Porsche Cayenne 2019-2020


Today it is known specifications and appearance of the new Porsche Cayenne, which its creators have high expectations. Sales of premium crossover promises to break all records, as evidenced by the current number of orders for the car. The new 2019-2020 Porsche Cayenne on the photo shows a different external characteristics and effective, rapid appearance.

Crossover developers did a good job, and on the technical equipment of the Porsche, it will have all of the innovative new products that enhance comfort and safety of passengers. It is on this, and emphasis is given to create a restyled version of the car. Although in comparison with the previous version of Porsche’s appearance will not change so drastically.

Porsche Cayenne 2017 года


Changes to the exterior Porsche aimed at the car absorbed all the most current emphasis previously developed versions. If we talk about the most striking features of the external appearance of the vehicle, the crossover will get familiar oval headlights with LED optics elements. The front bumper is fairly wide, sloped hood down. Its lid is decorated with vertical grooves that give the car at the same time elegance and enhance its aerodynamic performance.

False radiator grille has a trapezoid shape with horizontal lines. The sides are segments in which the elements are placed lights and air intakes. The bottom of the front of the reinforced plastic shield.

Porsche Cayenne 2017 года

In profile, the new SUV is no less impressive. New Porsche Cayenne 2019-2020 has a sloping roof, huge wings, which are located under the wheels with new design wheels, as well as C-shaped ducts, refreshing look of the car.

The most striking element in the rear of the body can be called a new form of optics. The taillights are connected solid horizontal line of the same color as the optics. Lights are now more economical use energy compared to dorestaylingovoy version. It is worth to mention the big spoiler, making the car more sporty. optical elements fit perfectly into the luggage compartment lid. At the bottom is a niche with the elements of the backlight is red.

Porsche Cayenne 2017 года


Compared with the previous version, the inside Porsche Cayenne 2019-2020 will not change so much. They mainly relate to changes in the technical equipment, which will include a variety of new products to increase the level of comfort and safety of both driver and passengers.

In particular it will be Wi-Fi zone, and adaptive cruise control, as well as – a wide range of systems to help cope with the management while driving or parking. Electronic assistants will assist the driver during braking or acceleration and simplify the tracking of the road.

Shop the new SUV will still be spacious enough, it has a high-quality luxury upholstery materials and a convenient location for all controls. Will a large three-spoke steering wheel with leather upholstery, the control panel is a huge screen multimedia system and a large number of control buttons. Presumably interior is decorated with lots of metal parts. Seats will be pronounced lateral support.

Салон Porsche Cayenne 2017 года

Technical characteristics of the third generation Porsche

The new Porsche will be created at the new VW Group MLB, which is the basis for the revolutionary Audy Q7 platform. The basic equipment includes the braking system Torque Vectoring Brake. To top models and air suspension system that improves the dynamics and the stability of the car will be available.

Among the powertrains will be available the following versions:

  1. V6 with a six-cylinder.
  2. The eight-cylinder V8.
  3. The hybrid version consisting of a four-cylinder unit and a gasoline engine.

More details about the technical equipment of the third generation Porsche Cayenne yet.

Porsche Cayenne 2019-2020 года