New Opel Antara 2019-2020


Looking at the new four-wheel miracle Antara 2019-2020, created by German designer at Opel, first you think it’s one more car, created in the image and likeness. Only upon closer acquaintance comes understanding – is the pinnacle of technical thought, and with it, a sudden sense of respect and a burning desire to possession. But the recent decision of the famous group of resignation from the Russian automotive market, casts doubt on that depicted in the photo, the new crossover in the near future Opel Antara 2019-2020 lineup will be able to incarnate for the Russian buyer in reality.

The revival of the former glory

Pedigree car begins in 2006, with a presentation at the Paris Motor Show. Opel’s first crossover debuted so successfully that within four years he has rested on its laurels. In subsequent years, it produced a non-significant changes, representing a reconstruction of appearance, but in general the car remained unchanged and its attractiveness gradually falling.

Turning point in the history of the crossover began in March of this year. In Geneva, in order to return it to its former popularity, manufacturers have presented a prototype of the updated Opel Antara.

The choice of white, gray, black

New Opel Antara 2019-2020 retained a number of features inherent to its predecessors. Basically this features, emphasizing individuality. But clearly seen a change in the direction of design ideas. Unlike previous models, which were intended for middle-aged people, the new rejuvenated ten years. The impression is created that machine counting on the younger generation. That there is only one gloss chrome shines almost all the decorative details of the body. Besides confirming this concept are:

  • front and rear lights, adding machine aggressiveness;
  • new sophisticated look fog lamps;
  • mounted on the model 19-inch wheels;
  • increased size of bumpers;
  • stylized radiator grille.

The revised taking into account the new features of the chassis has allowed to increase the size. Now the car has a height of 1658 mm, 4666 mm long and 1803 mm wide. Clearance increased immediately by 25 mm and 200 mm. The only negative in appearance – a poor color palette. The manufacturer plans to paint the body only in three colors: black, white and gray.

Opel Antara 2016 года

In the salon at home

Inside, everything provided in detail and subjected create comfort. Ahead flaunts fancy curved semicircular visor. Installed in a series of three round eyes deflectors attached to the front of the mysterious appearance. The front seats sport type heater provided. Pleasant feeling is soft to the touch fabric upholstery. All this, together with high-quality multimedia system creates a unique atmosphere inside the cabin comfort.

Салон Opel Antara 2016 года

Behind freely accommodate three people. Volume of luggage compartment, if necessary, increased by folding the rear seats from 420 liters up to 1420. The Opel Antara 2019-2020 model year, the designers have tried to minimize the threat of an accident to the life of passengers by installing seat belts with automatic adjustment and equipping the seats other than the front insuring pillows, and more hooks. Not forgotten and a set of tools designed to eliminate breakdowns in the way.

Herd under the hood

For installation on a crossover selected three turbocharged engine accelerates the car from zero to 100 km / h in 8 seconds.

  • Petrol, 2396 cc in volume with the stated capacity of 170 liters. from.
  • Petrol, 3196 cc in volume capacity of 250 liters. from.
  • Diesel, 2169 cc in volume and capacity of 185 liters. from.

They are equipped with the familiar 6-speed manual transmission or the 6-position automatic transmission. All-wheel drive version is equipped with an electromagnetic clutch Haldeks designed to efficiently distribute torque between the axles.

Prices in Europe

The expected price in Europe was announced in 21500 euros.


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