New Hyundai IX35 2019-2020

New Hyundai IX35 2019-2020


Champion of the South Korean auto holding sales in the compact SUV class gained reincarnation. The new ix35 2019-2020 corresponds exactly to all the modern trends of the automotive industry and the characteristics of the market of the Far East and CIS countries. third-generation crossover looks dignified in a flock of their classmates.

High technology will affect the driving style

Drastic changes are associated with the use of the new platform. To form a carcass widely used high-strength aluminum alloys based. Engineers have achieved a significant increase in the strength characteristics of the body with a substantial facilitation support structure. The rigidity of the body allowed to make the suspension softer. Perhaps, the new Hyundai AH35 2019-2020 – the best deal in its class for Russian roads. Significant uneven pavement such as “Teschin edges” can be held at a considerable speed without fear of loss of directional stability.

Hyundai ix35 2016 года

Form style

Korean Avtoholding, began production of cars based on the popular German development models, developed his own original style. His spokesman was the new Hyundai ix35 2019-2020. Photo of an experienced car taken during test runs on high alpine road, show maturity and originality of Korean brand.

The author of the exterior design of the new line of cars of all segments became chief Thomas Buerkle European bureau. He is the creator and Hyundai ix35 2019-2020. The new body is made in accordance with the generally accepted concept of auto holding “flowing lines”. Drawing the bow formed around the radiator grille characteristic geometry. From the corners of the hexagonal lattice originate line bonnet, headlamps, bumper, fog lights and even the protection of the crankcase. I changed the stamp elements aft. All lighting fixtures won more rapid form and LED stuffing. Even the design of wheels specially developed for this model.

Hyundai ix35 2016 года

features elitism

The general direction of the South Korean holding company is to introduce in the model middle segment model details inherent premium. Interior Decorating ix35 2019-2020 characterized by the use of higher quality materials. As an option, close-fitting interior with natural leather in red. The Red Wine style drawn seats, armrests and interior decorative door panels. Almost the entire area of ​​the roof takes a panoramic glass.

The new vehicle is equipped with all the modern electronic navigation systems, including a set of tracking road markings, monitoring blind spots when driving and during the exit from the parking lot. The front seats are equipped with ventilation as standard. The car features an efficient insulation. Functions of remote engine start, door opening tactile complement the pleasant impression of the car.

Салон Hyundai ix35 2016 года

In the five-seat configuration, the luggage compartment volume is 513 liters (48 gallons became more capacious).

Багажник Hyundai ix35 2016 года

Technical data

  • Length of the car – 4475 mm.
  • Width – 1850 mm.
  • Height – 1645 mm.
  • Wheelbase – 2670 mm.

Engines and Transmission

Powertrain Performance will be considerably improved. Motor group features a large selection of units:

  • aspirated petrol engine volume of 1.6 liters., 135 hp power
  • turbocharged petrol engine volume of 1.6 liters., 176 hp power
  • turbo, volume of 1.7 liters., 115 hp
  • turbo, volume 1,7 l., the power of 136 hp
  • turbo, volume 2 liters., 184 hp power

The main achievement of mechanical engineers is to reduce fuel consumption by more than 10% in each model. Electronic throttle control will make a response when you press the accelerator pedal more responsive. Feeling instantaneous tidal power pleasant driving, but requires diligence from the driver. Transmission is available in three versions: six-speed automatic and mechanics, as well as robotic semidiapazonnaya box with two clutches. Independent Suspension. All models with permanent all-wheel drive.

Hyundai ix35 2016 года