New Gelendvagen 2019-2020 | photo, in the market


The company Mercedes-Benz has prepared good news for fans of the brand, the German automaker has decided to heed their pleas. Brutal SUV Gelendvagen in 2019-2020 almost completely retain its exterior. The famous car G-class is not like the rest of the SUVs, SUV, because it has a square appearance in “retro” style. Today, among licked forms of this model was the last bastion of style.

Новый Gelandewagen 2016 года

At first fans “Helikaon” (the car is called in Russia) began to panic, having learned about the restyling of this model. G-class – this is not a new car, but she liked to many. Someone in awe of endurance, cross-Gelendvagen, others enjoy his brutal appearance, for the rest of the retro SUV – this is part of their image. This audience would not have agreed to retreat, therefore, the German automaker initially had no chance of winning. Dieter Zetsche, who served as executive director of the company, gave an interview in which he noted: Mercedes-Benz believes that the unique appearance – a card of G-class, so it will not be revised.

Mercedes-Benz G-class 2016

The dynamics of sales of this model says that it is too early to change. During the past 5 years the company has tripled its sales of this car, although in general news for the car market were not very optimistic. His contribution to this achievement brings division AMG. That it offers modern versions of G-class. The oldest model – G65 – is the most expensive. In addition, the Germans knew that Land Rover wants to stop the release of brutal Defender car. If this proves true, verily G-class will be the only serial class “luxury” SUV.

New Gelendvagen 2019-2020 according to unconfirmed reports, remain on the line of the German automaker’s 2027 Earlier there were rumors that the current G-class will survive only until 2020. But later the media insiders Britain and Germany agreed that the legendary SUV will live longer thanks to a massive upgrade. For example, its construction is more aluminum, whereby the model “lose weight” per 200 kg.

Recently, there was news that in 2017 there is a new G-Class and its concept was introduced. The photos at the bottom you can see how it will look around.

Новый Гелендваген 2017

Гелендваген 2017 (вид сзади)


The updated G-class will be 10 cm wider than its predecessor. The new car will boast Adaptive Forward Lighting, Electronic Systems, which are designed to assist the driver, as well as a large number of small video cameras.

The future generation “Helikaon” may lose V12 engines. The Germans decided to give preference to the two new engine with six cylinders. The basic equipment of the new Gelandwagen will be equipped with diesel power unit volume of 2.9 liter petrol engine or a 3 liter. The power of these engines will be 315/370 hp at 480 Nm thrust.

Photos of the new Mercedes Gelandwagen 2019-2020 you can see below. The legendary G-class will also be equipped with the familiar V8 engines. One of them – a twin-turbo “eight” capacity of 4 liters (capacity – 465 “horses”), the other – the 8-cylinder engine of 5.5 liters (575 hp with 800 Nm of thrust). It can be assumed that the latter powerplant will be available on the G63 AMG. And here are some photos made its debut at the New York Auto Show Gelandwagen AMG.

Gelandewagen AMG 2016

Gelandewagen AMG 2016

Gelandewagen AMG 2016

Gelandewagen AMG 2016