New Ford Ranger 2019-2020


Ford Ranger 2019-2020 could be called a long-awaited new product, which has already managed to make some noise in the automotive market. Linked to this situation, perhaps, that the Ranger was the best pick-2013. Many may notice that American developers have updated version of the popular SUV a little earlier than required by the situation, because world sales since the release of cars on the market almost fell.

However, the new version of the pickup-SUV has received a significant change both inside and outside. The main emphasis was on fresh notes in the exterior, and on the economy cars. Even a small percentage reduction of fuel consumption per 100 km. in the case of large off-road vehicle it is of great importance.

Ford Ranger 2016 года


The most significant change in this case is concerned is the head of the car. It is possible to see the outlines for fresh grille, modified optics and the whole appearance of the new car. Typically, developers do not make a big secret of the results of the work done, and spread to the network a different photo of a pickup truck and its detailed specifications.

Because many have already noted that a massive car looks like something a little too elegantly given in any road conditions acceptable to use it. Ford Ranger 2019-2020 has already distinguished for its versatility, which is associated with changes in the external characteristics. Simply put, this car is not ashamed to appear on the highway and in the city.

A more detailed examination of the new Ranger in the eye catches grille, which may become a landmark for this particular brand of car. After three horizontal lines, made of high-strength steel, in a similar fulfillment can not be seen anywhere else. In the center of the lattice is a big brand name Ford.

Ford Ranger 2016 года

The design of the head and fog lights are very beneficial complemented grille. The car has a powerful updated optics. Fog lights are pretty unusual shape, which follows the design of the main headlights.

The new air intake and the front of the line of cars fulfilled their mission, bringing the body has a higher aerodynamic performance, and therefore – is now an impressive SUV consumes considerably less fuel.

Topic improve aerodynamics continues to modify the hood, which has a smoothly sloping line and goes to the side. As cars have expressive LED illumination. Behind the car has the same flattened shape, decorated with light-emitting diodes. In general, experts have already noted that this update has been the most successful line.


Making new pickup interior is quite striking. Begin upgrade from large vehicles, which is equipped by a number of additional functions buttons. Handles for opening the doors too large, with the presence of built-in controls.

The console has a bright backlight. Its design is combined with a large touch screen, which displays all necessary systems, including the built-in browser.

Салон Ford Ranger 2016 года

Multimedia filling allows you to control both the sensor and with the buttons. SUV favorably complemented by a voice recognition system that will ensure comfortable driving in difficult terrain.

Auto has good ergonomics, which is perfectly complemented by an improved security system. Both front seats have a pronounced lateral support. There is a rear view camera, the image which is displayed on the mirror in the cabin.

Салон Ford Ranger 2016 года

Салон Ford Ranger 2016 года

Салон Ford Ranger 2016 года

All interior materials have high quality characteristics. Particularly pleased with the soft and pleasant fabric seat covers and side panels.


Auto has a wide range of innovative electronic systems, upgraded suspension and a new line of engines.

Fuel economy has become a significant now routes are in a car will consume 6-7 liters, and in the city -. not more than 12 liters.


  1. 2.2 liter diesel engine of 160 hp
  2. Diesel is 3.2 liters. power of 200 hp
  3. The petrol 2.5 liter unit Duratec, issuing 166 hp

Depending on the engine configuration, the car will be equipped with six-speed automatic transmission, or – a gun.

Ford Ranger 2019-2020 configuration and price