New cars 2019-2020

New cars 2019-2020


Mercedes GLE

Mercedes GLE 2018 года

Mercedes GLE are quite popular among wealthy citizens of our country. No wonder – buying a Mercedes, a person buys:

  • status;
  • quality;
  • service;
  • luxury.

GLE has a pretty spectacular view, which allows him to be recognized from the mass ofother cars on the road. We can say with confidence that there will be no exception and the new Mercedes GLE 2019-2020, although its appearance is hidden under the masking coating. According to available information, the weight of the car will decrease somewhat, which will ultimately lead to improved dynamics and the use of the new platform will increase capacity crossover. The rumors that go on the Internet, saying that Mercedes will decide to show in the model improved autopilot, but it or not with 100% certainty is impossible to say.


As noted above, competition in the SUV-class noticeably grows stronger that ever makes producers more wrestle with car improvement, but as in any way into the hands of us, the consumers. Here and increased competition in this class of cars Mersedes makes quite early update GLE. The current generation of GLE was launched in early 2015. Mercedes GLE 2019-2020, the latest news about which though all also show photos of the car in camouflage, but you can with some confidence say that the company is working hard on the appearance of the machine as well as competition with other well-known manufacturers (for example, BMW and Audi) is quite high . New, even more likely, and as an option, will offer a matrix headlights and taillights are LED-based. It is possible that the new product will increase slightly in size, that would be through the use of a new platform – MHA (Modular High Architecture).

Interior Mercedes GLE 2019-2020

Based on the fact that Mercedes GLE 2019-2020 to the latest news will be available on the new platform, we can say that because of the increase in the wheelbase of the car will be more spacious and therefore more comfortable. The dashboard and multimedia from Mercedes GLE and so is high, but competitors are not asleep, so it is possible that new features will be introduced in the new version and modified existing ones. Many customers expect improved automatic parking system and the introduction of autopilot, possibly, Mercedes will guide them to the meeting. interior quality, certainly at a high level, but some owners of GLE complained of scratches and some play panels that most likely can be attributed to problems of specific models.

Интерьер Mercedes GLE 2018 года


For the new Mercedes GLE 2019-2020 the company is developing a new family of engines, which will be further used in the production of the E-Class. About their characteristics it is impossible to say exactly, but already known information we can say that engine variants will be developed on both petrol and diesel. In addition, Mercedes has become a trend economy, so we can say exactly, the company is already preparing a hybrid (will be shown after the presentation of conventional models), but it is possible the emergence of a fully electric version, the good trend in the development of modern society contribute to the demand for such models. Due to the trend economical new engines will be equipped with the turbine and consist of four or six cylinders.

Mercedes GLE 2018 года

Transmission from Mercedes Gle 2019-2020 will be purely automatic. It is possible that the company will use the 7 and 9-stage 4Matic, but can this car to introduce a new generation of transmission, which will increase the speed and / or efficiency of work. It is difficult to say anything for sure, so it remains only to wait for any new discharge information, any official releases.

Mercedes GLE 2018 года

Toyota C-HR

Company Toyota – one of the most famous car manufacturers, which regularly delights us with new products and updated versions of their models. The next two years will not be an exception. During this period, “the Japanese” are planning to release more than 10 new vehicles in various segments. Therefore, the expected number of new products with the logo of Toyota in the 2019-2020 year, there are compact crossovers, comfortable sedans and hatchbacks, reliable SUVs and pickups, as well as a pair of sports coupe.

Toyota C-HR

The lineup of compact crossover will join the Toyota C-HR. In Russia, the car will be closer to the summer of 2017. Novelty is sporty exterior: wide front lights of unusual shape, aggressive bumpers, sloping roof and massive wings. It seems that this is not a crossover, but a real sports car.

At the same time Toyota C-HR promises to be the most economical. In the basic configuration is a 1.2-liter turbo engine (116 hp..), The combined cycle consumes 5.7 liters of fuel. The hybrid version will be equipped with 122-strong unit, which consumes just 3.7 liters to travel mode, the track / city.

Toyota C-HR

New Renault Koleos 2019-2020

Renault Koleos 2017

At the international motor show in Beijing, it was presented to Renault Koleos 2019-2020 model range at the end of April. It was assumed that a sample of a promising group Renault-Nissan will be referred to Maxthon. However, a new development was extrapolated in a decent mid-size crossover C-Class with the same name. The car is a kind of compilation of all the achievements of the French manufacturer. The exterior and interior architectural elements used Kadyar crossover, minivan Espace, Megan and the latest generation sedan Talisman. The characteristic features of each model are recognizable in the published photos of the new Renault Koleos 2019-2020. The car price increase compared to its predecessor slightly. The manufacturer is important to maintain the popularity of the target audience and gain extensive position in the market a qualitatively new products.

The transformation of an ugly duckling into a white swan

From mediocre predecessor appearance was gone. The basis for the updated crossover served as a universal platform CMF-C / D (Common Module Family). This enabled with minimal cost and in a short time to create a respectable model. New Renault Koleos 2019-2020 looks very impressive. A worthy competitor expensive SUVs. Architecture concept borrowed from the Initiale Paris. The lateral projection stamps doors and wings are decorated with graceful lines. The windshield has received considerable angle. The arc of the roof significantly underestimated the stern. Window-sill line rises a graceful zigzag vzdergivaetsya on the back of the rack. glazing area edged chrome moldings.

Decoration bow – line air intakes and the bumper – like a grimace of a smile. Radiator grille, made in a minimalist style, smoothly adjoins the head light optics. The ends of the grating of the wings are covered with transparent plastic washers. Segments of dipped and main beam divided intricate snake of the LED DRL, descending on the bumper fairing. Fodder ceiling numb wings sharp arrows side lights and tailgate narrow lines extend almost to the middle.

All very solid

In the photo of the new Renault Koleos 2019-2020, first of all, pay attention to the original vertical position of the display media system R-LINK 2. The top grade is equipped with a premium saundkompleksom Bose with 12 speakers and a rear view camera. In the interior there is a creative influence sedan Talisman. Monitor interface and dash lights are made in one color. Hinting at the car’s prestige are inlays in the door cards and above the glove box, imitating natural wood and decorated with chrome. Exclusivity adds a multifunction steering wheel trimmed chord.

Салон Renault Koleos 2017

Due to the elongated base distance for rear passengers is almost 300 mm – the highest rate in the segment. Increased cabin space allow you to set the third-row seats. Arsenal intelligent control systems as standard consists of adaptive cruise control, parking assistant, assistant at the start of the hill, the traction control system during the descent from the mountain, traction control, brake force distribution system, dynamic stability control. Optional features of road markings monitoring system, parking pilot, blind spot monitoring system and LED interior lighting.

Renault Koleos


Dimensions of Renault Koleos 2019-2020 more than the previous model, as well as sopratformennogo Nissan X-Trail:

  • Length – 4670 mm.
  • Width – 1840 mm.
  • Height – 1678 mm.
  • Ground clearance – 212 mm.
  • Wheelbase – 2710 mm.
  • The curb weight is the minimum configuration – 1590 kg.

Standard wheels R17, tire size – 225/60. Body of two minivan. Doors – five seats – five or seven.

Koleos сзади

New Volkswagen Touareg

Volkswagen Touareg 2016

One of the prime motor show in Beijing in 2019 became a concept version of the new Volkswagen Touareg. The main quality that the Germans have invested in restyling model known crossover – efficiency, safety, and modern design. Engineers companies for this had to work hard and solve some technical problems. The plans concern “Volkswagen” is giving a new generation of car fresher exterior and equipping it with a hybrid power plant

New look

In appearance crossover modified radiator grille and front optics, and clear lines of the body are accentuated contours of the front bumper. All this does not make the machine aggressive, but gave her a little more polish and elegance than the dorestaylingovoy sample. The color scheme of the body, proposed by the manufacturer, involves four basic shades, including blue and silver. The rear frame of the received optical LEDs, and changed the shape of the exhaust pipes. Also, the SUV is equipped with alloy wheels up to 21 inches. On the rear bumper now has a chrome insert. Not that the new generation Touareg appearance has changed, but some individual features of the car purchased. Especially good the car looks in blue. Of course, hearing the word “restyling”, expect something unprecedented, but this time, the revolution did not happen, only evolution.

We should also mention the trunk. According to the size of the new Volkswagen Touareg 2019-2020 does not lag behind its closest competitors in its category. Simultaneously crossover it turned out quite roomy for passengers. Conservatism model is clear: there is no need to redo what has already been largely justified itself and works perfectly.

Available options relating to the appearance of the car include fog lights, xenon front optics, LED taillights.

Volkswagen Touareg 2016

Inner space

Inside, it repeated the same trend as in the exterior: Unlike previous versions, though there are, but not so noticeable. Even cladding materials are the same, not to mention the visual component. But it is the interior ergonomics and ease of landing the driver remained at the highest level. On the back seat easily fit three adults impressive physique.

The upholstery is made of genuine leather. The dashboard, equipped with a color screen displays all the necessary information to the driver. The wheel also has buttons that help display precisely the data that you need at a particular moment. The speed of the multimedia system is quite acceptable.

Салон Volkswagen Touareg 2016

The range of interior equipment includes electric handbrake button, audio system with 8 speakers and fatigue monitoring system driver. There are also less rich interior options, for example, cloth instead of leather, with manual seat adjustment. At the same time they are supplemented cruise control, air conditioning and electric lifts of glasses.

Volkswagen Touareg 2016

Cadillac XT5


The world’s largest 2019-2020 Cadillac avtokorpoartsiya on its portal, has published the first pictures of his new creation – the crossover 2019-2020 Cadillac brand XT5, which, according to experts, is the successor to the machine version of the SRX. Thus, in the motor companies have refused to give any comments on these images. Ironically, however, the novelty of the 2019-2020 Cadillac, will be presented at the exhibition, opening a few days ago, in Frankfurt. How to tell the representatives of the group, the announcement of 2019-2020 Cadillac XT5, is likely to take place in the month of November, in the city of Dubai.

If we consider the first car photo images, you can see that its design is made in the same style as the previously presented sedan St6. Besides, the novelty will receive LED optics, new vertical lights, a classic big grille, two-liter engine, capable of developing power of 265 horsepower.

The top model of the American SUV will be equipped with a three-liter V6 engine capacity, which will develop the capacity of 335 “horses”. Saloon cars complemented the display of impressive dimensions, with which you can easily and quickly manage all functions of the car. In addition, sources said that the basis is S1HH HT5 crossover platform that enables traditional use front-wheel drive car. For those car owners who love to experience the possibilities of car to the maximum, for additional funds drive system on all four wheels will be provided.


Новый BMW X2 2018 года

BMW X2 2019-2020 – a compact crossover sport-oriented youth, extraordinary personalities, and people with an active lifestyle. The model has recently been presented at the Paris Motor Show, which earned Forest reviews specialists. Many have noted the bright appearance of the car, an outstanding commitment to style, as well as the desire of developers ahead of time, in introducing innovative technical equipment car security and assistance while driving.


BMW X2 2019-2020 different kind of aggressive. Thanks to the brand “nostrils” radiator grille, angular front optics staple LEDs massive bonnet with protruding punching race car certainly will not get lost in the dense traffic. Dimensions Body Bavarian trends were as follows:

  • length – 4440 mm;
  • height – 1584 mm;
  • width – 1850 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2670 mm.

In profile silhouette of the car is not so much like his “brothers» – X4 model and X1. crossover roof is pressed against the feed, which is bordered by the rear lights in the form of broad rectangles with a 3-D effect. Wide air intakes in front and original circular pads on the exhaust system behind the evidence of the nature of sports news. Body X2 is available in three-door and 5-door version.

According to Ian Robertson, served as head of the marketing department of the company, BMW for many years, is a trendsetter in the field of design and luxury car is not going to give the palm to competitors. This statement gave reason to believe that there will be some revolutionary decisions about which customers have not yet reported in the exterior of the BMW X2 2019-2020.

Новый BMW X2 2018 года


The interior of the crossover – the main mystery, as at the last presentation of the interior of the cabin hid dense toning. Most likely, many decorative elements borrow from second generation X1, with the result that the novelty will be equipped with:

  • three-spoke steering wheel;
  • chrome plates on the door trims;
  • retractable screen multimedia system;
  • original leather seating with patella.

In any case, whatever the interior of the BMW X2 2019-2020, he is guaranteed to get a quality, solid and non-standard. Being in such a machine, you feel not just the driver and owner of a unique vehicle, in full compliance with exacting requirements.

Интерьер Новый BMW X2 2018 года


The designers wanted to create a dynamic model, light, unpretentious in operation car, and it’s definitely possible. The basis of the BMW X2 laid fundamentally new platform UKL with independent suspension (front McPherson strut stand, and rear multi-link circuit is located). In the base car will receive only front-wheel drive, and in a more advanced version – xDrive all-wheel drive with electro-hydraulic multi-plate clutch. Among other technical innovations portable crossover should be noted:

  • Ventilated disc brakes;
  • electro-hydraulic power steering;
  • Complex electronic systems, providing confident driving in all conditions.

Новый BMW X2 2018 года

Since the UKL platform BMW X2 2019-2020 is very specific, the location of the power units will only cross. On line motor manufacturer has not officially announced, but we dare to suggest that it is similar to the counterparts of the X1. To make the acceleration dynamics need powerful turbocharged units with a volume in the range of 1.5-2.0 liters, capable of delivering 150-170 “horses”. Not exclude “charged” version of a crossover with great volume and power of 220-250 hp For the European market makers establish a diesel engine with reduced fuel consumption. By 2020, the company has planned a large-scale electrification of the model, so that the production line will come a hybrid version of BMW X2.

Motors planned to assemble two types of transmission: 6-speed manual transmission and 8-band gun. Which meant to give preference – does not matter, because both options provide instant feedback motor, good dynamics of dispersal, no problems with switching. The presence of 6 and 8 assists, respectively, shows a high maximum speed of the car that will please fans of rolled with the wind.

Новый BMW X2 2018 года