Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2019-2020 model year


One of the biggest off-road world significantly freshened. Constant champion of sales in Russia Pajero Sport 2019-2020 acquired new features. The peculiarity of the third generation of the car that he designed and changed specially for the Russian motorist. In order to update the company’s SUV experts for two years we studied the domestic market.

New spacious SUV – is not so much the embodiment of producer marketing ideas as fantasies materializing its future owners on one sixth of the land.

The SUV got a new diesel engine and transmission, and also received a list of new options.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2016

No temptation succumbed

In the production of the world’s automobile manufacturers can see the trend of transformation of high-grade off-road vehicles in the glamorous “SUV.” The modern trend – comfort and good looks in functionality – at Mitsubishi designers are not affected. Rather the contrary: modern technology have raised the possibility of using for its intended purpose – in off-road conditions.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2019-2020 got stiff supporting frame, all-wheel drive transmission Super Select 4WD the second generation with reduction gear and locking rear differential. Frame to withstand greater weight of the body and of course, great service loads. Transmission also has some “intelligent” mode which will help you on the road.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2016

In addition to refresh and appearance Pajero Sport 2019-2020. Photos suggest that the body lines acquired swiftness. In his eyes, first of all, it throws a new grille – it gives the car a very menacing look. The designers have worked hard to improve the aerodynamic qualities. This is evident in a new form of the bonnet. Frankly, the prefix “sport” is assigned Mitsubishi Pajero 2019-2020, most likely, for the sake of fashion trends.

Domestic car enthusiast gets this machine primarily because of its terrain. But the Japanese manufacturer decided to further position the Russians to their products. The car has become more attractive. This contributes to many significant amount of chrome exterior. It changed the shape of lighting devices, wheel arches and doors stamped. Saved superior quality car parts, attracted to him these men: the massiveness of the side doors and the boot lid. Aft received the original architectural solution: the rear bumper is a continuation of the lower plane of the body. Integrated deflectors on the sides of the exhaust pipes are added exclusivity.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2016

The interior has changed, but not much

Inside, “sports” is not particularly noticeable. Material quality consistently at the highest level. Compared to its predecessor, the interior has become somewhat lighter. The display on the dashboard became more informative. The color design of the backlight digital display devices prevail red tones. Arrows have additional coverage. The center console is placed a new screen multimedia system (in this case a large, color screen). In conjunction with the new rear-view camera, the picture is very good quality. Linear USB input drive is arranged in a convenient location.

Салон Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2016

All of the vehicle will be equipped with a panoramic glass sunroof and that in the retracted position significantly improves interior lighting. The top version will have a mirror with dimming. Inside the vast interior, depending on the configuration, it can comfortably accommodate up to eight people. Do not forget to equip designers and additional options such as electric folding second and third row of seats.

Салон Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2016

The car has received 7 airbags, heated second-row seats, blind spot monitoring system, all-sky cameras. As well as automatic braking from high speeds up to 30 km / h, and the like.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2016

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2016


Physical data of the Japanese athlete is impressive:

  • Overall length – 4785 mm.
  • Width – 1815 mm.
  • Height – 1 840 mm.
  • Wheelbase – 2800 mm.
  • Ground clearance is one of the highest – 215 mm.
  • The curb weight of the base set – 2 450 kg.

Engines and Transmission

Domestic customers will be offered an option of power plant with a turbodiesel in volume of 2,4 liters and capacity of 181 hp The torque is increased to 430 N ∙ m. In the future, it may appear as three-liter gasoline engine.

The power plant is combined with the eight-speed automatic transmission, which has been specifically designed for Pajero Sport. It is also noted that the new transmission has reduced fuel consumption by 17%.

The SUV was improved all-wheel drive system, the new regime off-road – Off Road, as well as the monitoring system during the descent from the mountain. Pajero Sport is able to overcome a ford deep and 70 centimeters.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2016