Mitsubishi L200 2019-2020 model year


The new generation Mitsubishi pickups only recently entered the global car market. But analysts promise him the same promising future, as well as the previous model range, which will undoubtedly become the best-selling from Japanese manufacturers. While the experts point out that the Mitsubishi L200 2019-2020 in a new body, a photo which has long circled the Internet – this is not fully the new version, but only – a deep modernization of the pick-up of the previous fourth generation. The vehicle will in some countries called – Triton.

Nevertheless, the engineers and designers powerful SUV filled with fresh design and every imaginable technical innovations that are sure to please fans of beautiful and functional car that can take on the most extreme roads.

Mitsubishi L200 2016 года

Modified body Mitsubishi

In the photo Mitsubishi L200 2019-2020 model year, we see preserved classic design, inherited from previous versions of the SUV pickups. At the same time, designers have tried on its improvement, making the exterior even more recognizable, adding his expressiveness and expression. It is evident that engineers are not too lazy to completely transform the front part of the body.

Mitsubishi L200 2016 года

Major changes have head optics with LED elements. Lights have become larger and more slanted. Line daytime running lights are now more elongated and gives the appearance of a massive SUV some grace. Despite the size of the car, the bumper does not look awkward, cumbersome, this has helped to form a new grille and a small air intake flanked by close enough to each other are fog lights.

Profile of cars has changed a bit, too, although the general outlines of the previous versions, and remained the same. So, new fins on the body panels, the windshield became more sloping roof – level. Changed and the proportion of the passenger compartment and cargo platform windows. second-row doors also increased, indicating a greater expanse of the bay.

The back of the photo Mitsubishi L200 2019-2020 model year looks quite so extravagantly by an unusual type of optics and elegant bumper.

A more spacious cabin

As the driver and passengers can now experience the impressive dimensions of the car, not only on external indicators, but also from within. Design and interior designers have made sure that all its inhabitants have received sufficient space in all directions. And they succeeded. Access to the rear seats are now more comfortable, they can comfortably accommodate passenger growth under 190 cm.

Mitsubishi L200 2016 года салон

Also catches multimedia steering wheel, the center console touch screen located in the impressive size of the eye, which displays the navigation system, the latest entertainment system, a rearview camera and additional controls.

The car is equipped with a full cruise control, keyless entry into the cabin, engine start button, and many other amenities that are available in the optional equipment.


Mitsubishi L200 2016 года салон

Technical characteristics of cars

Chassis pickup equipped with independent front suspension and rear dependent having a rigid axle suspended on leaf springs. There is also a power steering and the brake drum. It is noted that the suspension as a whole has become more smooth because the driver and passengers will experience more comfort. By the way, sound insulation is also improved.

Mitsubishi L200 2016 года

In the line of motors will be presented the following options:

  1. The new turbodiesel 2.4 l., Issuing 181 hp and 430 Nm.
  2. 4-liter naturally aspirated petrol engine of 128 hp and 194 Nm.
  3. 2.5 liter diesel engine with turbo power of 128 hp and torque of 400 Nm.