Mercedes GLE 2019-2020


Mercedes GLE are quite popular among wealthy citizens of our country. No wonder – buying a Mercedes, a person buys:

  • status;
  • quality;
  • service;
  • luxury.

GLE has a pretty spectacular view, which allows him to be recognized from the mass of other cars on the road. We can say with confidence that there will be no exception and the new Mercedes GLE 2019-2020, although its appearance is hidden under the masking coating. According to available information, the weight of the car will decrease somewhat, which will ultimately lead to improved dynamics and the use of the new platform will increase capacity crossover. The rumors that go on the Internet, saying that Mercedes will decide to show in the model improved autopilot, but it or not with 100% certainty is impossible to say.


As noted above, competition in the SUV-class noticeably grows stronger that ever makes producers more wrestle with car improvement, but as in any way into the hands of us, the consumers. Here and increased competition in this class of cars Mersedes makes quite early update GLE. The current generation of GLE was launched in early 2015. Mercedes GLE 2019-2020, the latest news about which though all also show photos of the car in camouflage, but you can with some confidence say that the company is working hard on the appearance of the machine as well as competition with other well-known manufacturers (for example, BMW and Audi) is quite high . New, even more likely, and as an option, will offer a matrix headlights and taillights are LED-based. It is possible that the new product will increase slightly in size, that would be through the use of a new platform – MHA (Modular High Architecture).

Mercedes GLE 2018 года

Interior Mercedes GLE 2019-2020

Based on the fact that Mercedes GLE 2019-2020 to the latest news will be available on the new platform, we can say that because of the increase in the wheelbase of the car will be more spacious and therefore more comfortable. The dashboard and multimedia from Mercedes GLE and so is high, but competitors are not asleep, so it is possible that new features will be introduced in the new version and modified existing ones. Many customers expect improved automatic parking system and the introduction of autopilot, possibly, Mercedes will guide them to the meeting. interior quality, certainly at a high level, but some owners of GLE complained of scratches and some play panels that most likely can be attributed to problems of specific models.

Интерьер Mercedes GLE 2018 года


For the new Mercedes GLE 2019-2020 the company is developing a new family of engines, which will be further used in the production of the E-Class. About their characteristics it is impossible to say exactly, but already known information we can say that engine variants will be developed on both petrol and diesel. In addition, Mercedes has become a trend economy, so we can say exactly, the company is already preparing a hybrid (will be shown after the presentation of conventional models), but it is possible the emergence of a fully electric version, the good trend in the development of modern society contribute to the demand for such models. Due to the trend economical new engines will be equipped with the turbine and consist of four or six cylinders.

Mercedes GLE 2018 года

Transmission from Mercedes Gle 2019-2020 will be purely automatic. It is possible that the company will use the 7 and 9-stage 4Matic, but can this car to introduce a new generation of transmission, which will increase the speed and / or efficiency of work. It is difficult to say anything for sure, so it remains only to wait for any new discharge information, any official releases.

Mercedes GLE 2018 года

Home sales in Russia and the price

It is expected that a new Mercedes GLE 2019-2020 in Russia will be at the level of the current model – from 3.7 million rubles to 5,000,000 rubles. It is possible that at the beginning of the hype the price is somewhat high, but on the other hand because of the high competition in the segment Mercedes can not resort to this move. Edition model is expected in 2019-2020. Who knows, perhaps this model will have to produce at the factory in Moscow, scheduled for launch in 2019.

Mercedes GLE 2018 года


At the moment is not very much information about Mersedes GLE online. Assign this fact can be increased competition in the SUV-segment, as well as the fact that the current generation has been recently presented, and therefore to develop the new GLE began recently. In addition, even the new spy photos still show the car is almost entirely in camouflage, so while it is impossible to assert something with 100% certainty. In any case, buyers are waiting for the new car will be even more technologically advanced, beautiful and comfortable.