Mercedes G-class 2019-2020


New Mercedes G- Class 2019-2020 photo which already can be found in the vast global network, affects every viewer. Many experts emphasize the unusual design and the majority of vehicle performance. No wonder the company said that they saw this car brand new model, but not a continuation of the well-known brand. This statement drew the world’s attention to the mystery of the German manufacturer.

In the production of a new version of the classic off-roader from Mercedes sold a large number of innovative approaches and elements that make up the concept of the car. Information about many of the fragments is not available or is unreliable sources. Therefore, to collect the image falls on the fragmentary information from different places.


In the manufacture of the vehicle is much more aluminum is used than previously, which guarantees an absolute decrease weight. At the same time, it has larger dimensions than its predecessors the new Mercedes G- Class 2019-2020.

The concept of the new car is carefully concealed workers group. But some details still penetrate beyond the factory and quickly snapped up by specialists. The external design of the car will acquire some fragments presented by the 2012 Ener-G-Force. Complete forms processing undergone fairing front and rear bumpers and grille.

LED electrician fully complements the new Mercedes. To create the desired image of the modifications will be offered with a special coating “black obsidian.”

5 doors and 5 seats in the cabin – volumetric car offers maximum comfort in managing and finding the cabin.

Mercedes G-class 2017 года

Interior of the Mercedes G-class 2019-2020

Experts agree that the interior is completely new car model. The unique architecture and the arrangement of the panels creates its own characteristic way.

To work with a modern multimedia system is a large touch screen. For the convenience of the driver and passengers in a way, already present in the basic climate control, elektropodёmniki glass, cruise control, ABS. It is possible to install an improved multimedia experience.

Интерьер Mercedes G-class 2017 года

Special attention is paid to developers to ensure the safety of passengers while driving. The series of internal tests confirmed the high level of reliability of all security elements.

Upholstery is made exclusively with high quality materials, first of all, it is a tree, leather, aluminum inserts. To seat a system for additional heating.

Mercedes G-class 2017 года


Mercedes G-class 2019-2020 will be completed 3rd and 4th ёhrychazhnoy front suspension, as well as special electromechanical power steering, which will replace the familiar hydraulic booster.

The motor car is a 6-titsillindrovye motors, volume 3 liters. Buyers will be able to choose the best option among the diesel and gasoline cars. Experts suggest that aggregate output around 360 hp All engines have been Euro-5 standard. Also described 3-ёhlitrovogo unit, plans to release models with engines:

  1. 8 cylinders 4 liters, 420 horses.
  2. 8 cylinders, bi-turbine, 5.5-liter, 570 horses.
  3. 12 cylinders, bi-turbine, 6 liters, 628 horses.

A distinctive feature of each modification – the use of technology “start-stop”.

Ground clearance off-road will be 205 mm, which will remove all the problems with moving around the city, countryside and moderate terrain.

Mercedes G-class 2017 года

Home sales in and the price

The first launch of series production model will take place at the end of 2016. In the salons of the extender in the territory of Russia the appearance of the first updated Mercedes is expected in spring 2019-2020.

New Mercedes G-class 2019-2020, the price of which is still unknown, definitely find a buyer. The manufacturer managed to combine in a single product all the advantages of the group:

  • Excellent build quality.
  • Latest technology in every vehicle unit.
  • Reduced cost for premium cars.

Mercedes G-class 2017 года

It is difficult to talk about the car, which is so carefully hide manufacturers. But if they do, then harvested for the market “bomb”! The design of the popular SUV runs a number of enhancements and improvements, taking into account modern achievements. The final result is guaranteed to become a leader in a group of premium cars.

Description of the individual components portends success model on worldwide markets. Now a large number of lovers of great cars just stood still in anticipation of entering the market of this model of the German automotive industry titan.