Mazda 6 2019-2020


Family sedan Mazda 6 – one of the best deals in the global car market. The current model combines bright original design, high aerodynamic performance and advanced intelligent equipment and a wide range of excellent engines. However, from the perspective of Japanese engineers the car is not perfect. In 2019-2020 it is expected to yield new Mazda 6. A number of improvements will affect the comfort in the cabin and the safety on the road.

Soul motion

The appearance of the entire Mazda model line corresponds to the concept of the family Kodo (Soul of Motion). Externally, the car has not changed, but there are more chrome. The accent of the front part is still a five-sided grille with six chrome-plated horizontal crossbars. Facing the bottom bordered chrome hinge. Edges edging made much sharper. molding Wings overlap shades headlights. Head Light Optics further narrowed. Sickle DRL elements in the form of broken lines. In the photo of the new model Mazda in June 2019-2020, you can also see that the designers have slightly modified the front bumper shape and design of the side niches with fog lamps. Suprema niches circled chrome lining. Also brilliant metal bordered glass area and the upper edge of the boot lid recess.

Mazda 6 2017 года

impressive comfort

In the design of the interior space is felt the influence of German designers. The architecture is dominated by straight lines, a minimum of secondary elements. In the central part of the dashboard is placed 7-inch original infotainment Mazda Connect. The surface beneath it, as well as the cockpit canopy, like a swim out from under the top panel of the wave. The monotony of the interior in classic model restyled animated contrasting two-tone upholstery leather and numerous inserts of brushed aluminum.

Devices placed in three deep wells. On the right is a 4.5-inch LCD monitor routing processor with an updated color graphics. On the spokes Multiwheel taken over the function keys. The new Mazda in June 2019-2020 there was a projection display. Starting the engine is made by means of a button. The parking brake is electronic. In the car it was much quieter thanks to the use of new sealing doors and innovative materials that provide an effective seal, virtually neutralizing the sound of the engine, doors and chassis. To reduce the external noise is also reduced by the value of clearances and redesigned front side windows.

Mazda 6 2017 года

Motion vector control

Breakthrough technological innovation of the new Mazda in June 2019-2020 is an electronic monitoring system of the motion vector (G-Vectoring Control (GVC)). Its purpose – to improve the car’s handling on bends and at the interchange, as well as eliminate the need for fine adjustment direction. During the passage of the rotation system does not allow to unload the front wheels, improving their grip. Intelligent complex every five milliseconds reads the steering system and speed. Depending on the position of the steering board processor adjusts torque separately for each wheel on the leading pair with no braking. GVC reduces the effects of the longitudinal and transverse accelerations on the occupants. Driving becomes more comfortable and as a result, less driver fatigue.

Интерьер Mazda 6 2017 года


New Mazda 6 2019-2020 – a typical representative of a D-class (Sredniy car):

  • sedan Length – 4869 mm, versatile – 4 800 mm.
  • Width – 1839 mm.
  • Height – 1 450 mm.
  • Ground clearance – 160 mm.
  • Wheelbase – 2830 mm.
  • Curb weight – 1350 kg.

The diameter of the disc – R19, tire size – 225/45. Body Type – sedan, wagon. Doors – four (wagon – five), the number of seats – five.

Mazda 6 2017 года

perfect engines

Hiroshima engineers continue to refine the concept of “Skayektiv”. Environmental class powertrains brought to the level of Euro-6. Under the hood, the new Mazda in June 2019-2020 four motors. Two petrol:

  • PE-VPS – 2 l, 152 l capacity. . A torque of 210 Nm;
  • PY-VPS – volume 2.5 l, capacity 195 liters. with a torque of 260 Nm.;

and two diesel engines with variable turbine geometry:

  • TDSi – volume – 2,2 l, capacity – 150 liters. . A torque of 380 Nm;
  • TDSi – volume – 2,2 l, capacity – 175 liters. c., the torque is 420 Nm.

Diesel units are significantly upgraded with Natural Sound Smoother technology. Low noise and smooth operation is achieved through the use of a dynamic damper. Advanced electronic fuel delivery system optimizes throttle response. Japanese designers have reduced the compression ratio to 14 for better mixing of the mixture and reduce harmful emissions.

Mazda 6 2017 года