Maybach 57S Knight Luxury

Maybach 57S Knight Luxury

The American company Knight Luxury, located in sunny Florida, announced itself to the world by submitting revised in full luxury sedan Maybach 57S. The project was named Sir Maybach 57S and is estimated at one million dollars. For this amount the buyer will receive an exclusive car, challenging model Rolls-Royce and Bentley. As you know, the German brand has ceased to exist in , unable to withstand competition from the aforementioned British, but there is in the world of its admirers.

Founder Knight Luxury ink Toby Knight convinced that the cause of the failure of the Maybach cars became bezemotsionalny their simple design, so the appearance of a sedan with the title of Sir decided to give the sports features. As a result, the car has become significantly different from the serial received a new front bumper with integrated LED daytime running lights, aerodynamic kit of carbon fiber, a modified rear bumper with a diffuser and spoiler elegant slim. In general, the creators of the widely used carbon fiber, making it a not only a body kit.

Most of the automotive body Knight Luxury Sir Maybach, including doors, fenders, roof rack, hood and trunk lid, also made of this lightweight material. We can say that now the luxury saloon increase the image looks like a supercar. Forged three-component wheels wheels 24 inches receive a portion of carbon fiber spokes for decoration. Against the background of contrasting brake calipers stand out white (!) Colors with overseas company logo. Obut sedan in the broad low-profile Pirelli tire dimension 285 / 30R24.

Maybach 57S engine with twelve-cylinder engine has an output of 712 horsepower. The increase in productivity was very helpful sport exhaust system with four double tubes. Motor try on a spectacular cover of carbon fiber with red emblems Knight Luxury. The car set a LED ambient lighting, helpfully lights up in the moment when the doors open.

Salon transformed into the kingdom of black and white leather with red accents unobtrusive. The driver will drive sedan with the help of steering with a flat bottom part, obviously designed for sports cars. From electronics is to provide a full range of Apple gadgets, sound system with subwoofer and LTE module, which provides access to the Internet from the car.

That time, 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz plans to re-use the Maybach brand. In the future, it will be referred to as a top performance of a sedan S-Class with some external changes and the maximum level of equipment.

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