Madchen Motoren 2018-2019 Opel GT

Madchen Motoren 2018-2019 Opel GT

Specialists of the German tuning company Madchen & Motoren seriously modified 2018-2019 Opel GT release, making this roadster prototype racing. To start the car to reduce the curb weight from 1325 to 1150 kilograms at the expense of body parts made of fiberglass and the dismantling of the air conditioning with the speaker system. Sports car got a little wider, but the battle took care of the appearance of the shop Cam Shaft, choosing exterior red and white livery, thanks to which the car on the track for sure will not get lost.

Even more interesting metamorphosis occurred in the technical part of the 2018-2019 Opel GT. Previously, under the hood was a 2-liter 4-cylinder engine with 264 horsepower with a torque of 353 Nm. Now the car has received a V-shaped “eight” the LS3 on the Chevrolet the Corvette , in a forced Madchen & Motoren up to 530 horsepower. Intake and exhaust systems have been developed independently under the workshop layout unique sports car.

Paired with the engine running a 6-speed manual transmission Tremec TR-6060, which is equipped with a Corvette ZR1. From Porsche GT3 RS exclusive track car inherited braking system with 6-piston calipers on the front axle and 4-piston rear. The car is in contact with the track with the help of the racing suspension KW Competition, alloy wheels ATS golden color and dimension of tires 295 / 30R18.

The 2018-2019 Opel GT cabin from Madchen & Motoren have a safety cage, there are also lightweight bucket seats Recaro Pro Racer neck and head protection. Unfortunately, the dynamic characteristics of the one and only sports car remains a mystery.

Photo Madchen Motoren 2018-2019 Opel GT