Lexus GX 460 the year 2019-2020


Subdivision car manufacturer Toyota, which produces luxury vehicles, has planned the release of the popular SUV Lexus GX 460 2019-2020 new, photos of which is presented below.

Lexus GX 460, like previous versions, going on the basis of Prado and 150 combines the brutality of roads ruler and sophisticated chic luxury. One of the features of the new model is the new body structure (frame), and the nose of the brand will be fully consistent with, and take the form of an hourglass.

The first SUV model with this number was released in 2009 and since then, with each update it gets better.


The appearance of new items is not much different from previous versions. But this body has become much easier, as now used in the manufacture of low birthweight, but durable materials. The exterior of the car you will see:

  • branded grille;
  • new picture on the protection of the air intake;
  • auxiliary LED lights in the front headlamps;
  • aft is still similar to the Land Cruiser;
  • planned output in seven different colors.

Lexus GX 460 2018 года

The overall decline in body weight has made the SUV more agile and easy to manage. And converts the front part, on its perimeter, where the lights will be presented with different LED backlight. This is not only a design course, but also help in the illumination of the road in the dark.

Wheels attract attention with its impressive manner, as they have changed significantly in size compared to the previous modification.

Dimensions of the new model Lexus GX 460 will now be as follows:

  • in length – 4.805 m;
  • width – 1,885 m;
  • in height – 1,845 m;
  • wheelbase – 2.79 m;
  • mass of cars – 2, 29 tons;
  • wheels – 18 dm;
  • tire size – 265/60.

The whole appearance is its perfection in style, all the thresholds are a curved line, divided wheel arches. At the same time ceiling transparent taillights remain intact.

Lexus GX 460 2018 года

Interior trends

Striking monumentality Lexus GX 460 2019-2020 year interior, combining the elegance of style and modernity. Number of control buttons on the front panel, doors and steering wheel gives the impression that you are not in the car, and in the cockpit. Complementing the appearance of a multimedia system “Mark Levinzin” with access to the 9 speakers (in the top-end variant provided 17 columns).

Navigation system and built-in appears in the form of a sliding touch screen on the dashboard. And for the convenience of passengers, seven-inch screens built into the headrests of armchairs.

Интерьер Lexus GX 460 2018 года

The front panel is made in two tiers in the Lexus GX 2019-2020, which also represented the photo below. Segments separates the horizontal bar, where to place the ventilation system and dial.

Genuine leather trim is complemented with a large seam accents of mahogany, which gives even greater luxury cabin.

news Standard equipment also will be equipped with the following functions and devices:

  • climate control with added flavoring function;
  • heated seats;
  • in addition to the front seat mounted ventilation system;
  • electronic adjustment of all seat, steering column and the pedal assembly;
  • 10 airbags;
  • pakrtronik front and rear;
  • electronic hatch opening mechanism.

Salon is designed for 5 or 7 people, but the last row does not differ a great practicality. All elements of the interior fully meet all the standards of a luxury car with high passenger safety.

Lexus GX 460 2018 года

Technical specifications Lexus GX 460 the year 2019-2020

SUV Lexus GX 460 features a powerful engine (V-shaped) that runs on gasoline and has a volume of 4.6 liters, and power up to 297 hp In just 8.3 seconds the car is able to accelerate to max speed of 175 km / h. This 8-cylinder engine allows you to move smoothly on any road surface.

The low level of engine noise and smoothness of movement is achieved by adjusting the distribution of the gas valves (VVT-I). Gearbox six-speed, automatic with electronic control. In addition, the SUV is equipped with a system monitoring the driving style and road conditions Artifical Intelligence-SHIFT.

Four-wheel drive distributes power in a proportion of 40% to 60% of the front and the rear part. At the same time, depending on changes in road surface conditions change, and power distribution. The driver can independently control the drive modes, changing them with the buttons on the steering wheel ( “mountain”, “convex” and others).

Japanese engineers have managed to reduce fuel consumption in the new Lexus GX 460 model by 5-10%.

Thanks to its excellent combination of appearance, the car interior and performance, you get the real pleasure of driving a luxury equipment.

Lexus GX 460 2018 года