Kicherer 2018-2019 Mercedes C63 AMG White Edition – completion stylish sedan 2018-2019 Mercedes

2018-2019 Mercedes C63 AMG model year. Noble and solid, powerful and elegant. It would seem that could be improved in appearance and in the soul of this refined combination of precise scientific calculation and good taste? However, the C63 the AMG from 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz has once again subjected to transformation. This time is very delicate as it deserves this stylish sedan.

There is nothing surprising in this, actually not. After all, the case took tyuningmeykery from Kicherer, whose experience with cars from 2018-2019 Mercedes can not be overestimated. Another program upgrade 2018-2019 Mercedes C63 AMG by Kicherer called «White Edition», which can be translated as “white edition” or as a “finishing revision.” The results were very impressive. Creation of professionals Kicherer want to compare with a queen White. That’s right, with a capital letter. The authors succeeded in tuning without disturbing nature 2018-2019 Mercedes C63 AMG, only subtly emphasize its undeniable advantages. The word “tuning” is translated to English as “fine tuning.” In this case it is never out of place.

2018-2019 Mercedes C63 AMG «tuned Anew” gained slightly updated makeup. As for the power, we can say that, without becoming a professional sprinter, he, nevertheless, significantly improved their physical shape. Fitness Courses from Kicherer for the C63 AMG included the ECU re-flash to give the output of 520 horsepower and 620 Nm of torque. At the same time, the White Queen on three horses surpassed his brother, a top representative of the line 2018-2019 Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe Black. In order to curb such power, Kicherer added “white edition” high-differential, enhanced customization coilovers and brakes from Brembo. The point in the upgrade was the installation of the chassis 20-inch alloy wheels.

Set external tuning 2018-2019 Mercedes C63 AMG is classically solved. Aerodynamic body kit from Kicherer has included an updated aero front bumper and sills, carboxylic grille and stylish rear diffuser. Sound effects model controlled by custom sports exhaust system with adjustable damper.

Salon 2018-2019 Mercedes C63 AMG by Kicherer ideology continues the white queen. The contrast of black and white, what could be more classic? Salon shield with white thread in the truest sense. White stitching on the black leather is a bit challenging, but even a challenge strictly metered. No outrageous, all strictly, solid and phlegmatic.

And just phlegmatic creators «White Edition» do not advertise the price of the new model, announcing, however, that we are ready to announce its stakeholders.

Photo Kicherer 2018-2019 Mercedes C63 AMG

Photo 2018-2019 Mercedes C63 AMG