Karmann-Mobil Dexter Go! 600

The German manufacturer of houses on the Karmann-Mobil Mobile has expanded its line of compact campers model Dexter Go! 600. Two people can go on a road trip to this relatively inexpensive, but well adapted to long journeys minibus. NEW debuted at the next exhibition Caravan-Motor-Touristik, which took place in January in Stuttgart.

Karmann-Mobil Dexter Go 600 is built on the 2018-2019 Fiat Ducato chassis and fitted with Multijet diesel engine working volume of 2 liters, developing power of 115 horsepower. Order motorhome possible and with a little more powerful 2.3-liter engine with an impact of 130 and 150 horsepower. All the engines are combined with a manual gearbox.

Caravan is one of the compact, but on the background of cars and some vans for its size still stands. Length of 5990 mm, width – 2050 mm, height – 2570 mm, wheelbase 4035 mm baza-. To control this means of transportation license category C is not needed, as the gross weight of 3.5 tons is placed. If necessary, the vehicle towed a trailer weighing up to 2.5 tonnes.

Kemper has two beds in the rear with the dimensions of mattresses 1960h1030 mm 1900h930 millimeters. They are combined into a double bed with a huge luggage compartment underneath. In the living room there is a makeshift table, and the front seats are deployed counter-movement. The kitchen area Dexter Go 600 includes a fridge with 109 liters chamber volume, stainless steel sink and gas stove with two burners. There is a shower, a 10-gallon water heater, heater Truma Combi 4, water tank volume of 100 liters and many roomy compartments. With the basic power unit and standard equipment Mobile Home will cost 39,990 euros.

Also novice based on 2018-2019 Fiat Ducato in the Karmann-Mobil model lineup with the movement calling for the name has modified, based on the Renault Master (Dexter Go! 620) and Ford Transit (Dexter Go! 560). As becomes clear from the index, the first a little longer Go! 600, the second, on the other hand, shorter, but both of them have three beds.

Photo Karmann-Mobil Dexter Go! 600