Infiniti QX80 2019-2020 – the new generation

Infiniti QX80 2019-2020 – the new generation


One of the business cards the Japanese automaker Infiniti today is car QX80, a new generation which will be available in 2019-2020. The company itself is owned by Nissan, it is not surprising that originally this car had a lot to do with the Armada model. Armada has an analogue QX, and that in turn – a full-size SUV.

A summary of the QX80 model

However, the full-length he became the only version of the QX56, which appeared in 2004, while the mid-size “ATV” Infiniti production lasted only 6 years (from 1997 to 2003). QX80 QX56 model is replaced in 2010, and at the same time became the third generation of the SUV. It was a premium car, for which the production, in contrast to the previous versions, uses the same platform as that of the Nissan Patrol Y62, rather than the familiar and established in Armada model. By the way, the latest at the beginning of this year was also updated and released in the form of cars, built on the basis of the same Patrol Y62, which, as we see, is highly valued in the company.

Infiniti QX80

Exterior of the updated Infiniti QX80

The appearance of the jeep in Russia took place only 3 years later – in 2007, while its first anniversary – in 2019-2020 – the car has once again upgraded and Russian drivers will appreciate many advantages, among them a remarkable appearance. Exterior of the new Infiniti QX80 is slightly changed, but it should be noted honed to near perfect state line around the perimeter of the body.

Created by Japanese engineers bumper on the front of the car (as, indeed, and at the rear) is emphasized by a new lining, which now complements and augments aggressive appearance of the vehicle. At the same time false radiator grille was chrome-plated, and the new version of the car has received a honeycomb structure.

Lighting at the front of the car a little bit changed, it can be said that the focus of design in the context of renewed kinds of lights focused on their expression, in contrast to the current version of the car, where such a moment, it seems they simply overlooked. Also worth noting is that the intensity of the light emitted can be controlled and used for the production of protivotumanok LED-technology design.

Infiniti QX80 2017 года

The interior of the new-generation Infiniti QX80

And if the exterior of the new generation of Infiniti QX80 saw all visitors to the New York Motor Show-2016, even those who are just passing by the booth set, then looked into the cabin units. model fans and journalists with an objective point of view, appreciate the changes you make inside the cabin.

First, the form of seats in the new product is presented in such a way that the driver and the passengers settled in them as comfortable as possible. Slipping into the chair kept to a minimum, if at all there. Also present armrests rotatably at a predetermined position.

Интерьер Infiniti QX80 2017 года

Second, in the face of the driver opens an updated instrument panel, the perimeter of which is installed an advanced multimedia system Bose, “nail” which is an 8-inch screen with touch input method. At the same time, for passengers, located on the second row of seats are available 7-inch screens.

Third, both the driver and passengers in the perimeter of the cabin has access to wireless headphones. The camera is also established in the amount of 4 pieces to create a full circular view. 15 Multimedia Speaker System Bose reproduce good sound quality.

Additionally, we note that at the end of use of the work as the car steering wheel, seat and drive off in automatic mode, which is useful in the car exit context.

Салон Infiniti QX80 2017 года

Technical characteristics of the updated model QX80

2019-2020 Infiniti QX80 will be delivered together with the 8-cylinder engine with a volume of 5.6 liters. Maximum power that can squeeze presented by V-twin engine, reaches a value of slightly more than 400 “horses”. The speed of 100 km / h new “takes” in just 7 seconds, while its maximum threshold – 210 km / h.

If we take into account that the SUV is able to pull a just 3 tons of weight, as well as the proposed seven-seat interior, the trunk with a maximum volume (at the combined second and third rows of seats) nearly 3,000 liters and the maximum possible number of installed security control systems and comfort during movement, then we can safely say that the new product met all expectations of fans.

Infiniti QX80 2017 года