Infiniti QX70 2019-2020


Crossover Infiniti QX70, a new generation which will be released in 2019-2020, will be the result of fruitful cooperation between automakers «Renault-Nissan» with the German company «Daimler». Especially for the model presented a few innovative solutions designed to improve the controllability of the car, its permeability and comfort when driving on any road surface have been developed. According to Johan de Nice, occupying the post of chief manager «Infinity», QX70 will have a number of advantages in comparison with its predecessors – Model FX37 and FX50.

Exterior: well thought-out to the smallest detail

The new generation of Infiniti QX70 2019-2020 will be produced in a more elegant design. The first version of the crossover, available for sale in 2015, received from the critics insulting nickname “muscular frog.” Developers of the second generation managed to get rid of the awkwardness and angularity appearance, while maintaining the recognizable outline of the body. More organic steel grille, head optics, mirrors. The wavy shape of the air intake, three-dimensional circular arches, curved lines give the car a massive hood solidity, representativeness and luxury.

Infiniti QX70 2018 года

Dimensions of the car remained identical to the first generation and are as follows:

  • length – 4865 mm;
  • height – 1650mm;
  • width – 1925 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2885 mm;
  • ground clearance – 184 mm.

The principal difference in these parameters is not, because when you create a 2019-2020 Infiniti QX70 plan to use the same platform with the version 2015. The only thing that could make the engineers is a significant reduction in vehicle weight, which is now equal to only 2 tonnes in the base set. For these purposes, the body elements are made of aluminum-based materials and hydrocarbon fibers. The car is equipped with 20-inch alloy wheels, and “charged” version is also a spoiler on the trunk lid. A unique “trick” of the brand considered glowing door sill, thanks to which the car is even more noticeable on the road in the dark.

Infiniti QX70 2018 года

Interior models: some errors

The new model Infiniti QX70 2019-2020, spy photos that have leaked to the Internet, acquired royal salon. Some owners of the first generation of this crossover complained about the shortage of usable space inside the machine, causing the passengers in the rear row of seats feel uncomfortable. The updated version of this will not be exact, so the back can comfortably accommodate three people. Individual attention, the front seats are made of leather and complemented by a variety of adjustments, heating, cooling and ventilation. The top configuration they will be equipped with massage function.

Интерьер Infiniti QX70 2018 года

As for the trim, then it contains such expensive materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum, wood. The center console is a huge touch screen measuring 9 inches with Sirius XM intelligent system that provides the ability to listen to the radio, even in places with no signal. On the dashboard, in addition to torpedoes tachometer and speedometer, the screen displayed on-board computer and console the technical condition of the car indicators. In terms of embedded intelligent systems QX70 2019-2020 year will leave far behind all its competitors. In other words, modified the interior of the second generation is thought to the smallest detail and indicates the high status of the owner of the car.

Infiniti QX70 2018 года

Specifications Infiniti QX70 2019-2020

The new generation of Infiniti QX70 2019-2020 surprised not only his agility, but also fast. In this version, the developers plan to install the following powertrains:

engine Type volume Power Torque
V-shaped diesel 3.0 l 240 l. from. 550 N / m
V-shaped petrol

(6 valves)

3.7 l 335 l. from. 365 N / m
V-shaped petrol

(8 valves)

5.0 l 405 l. from. 500 N / m

All motors are equipped with 7-speed automatic transmission with manual shift. Technical data model enable it to accelerate to 100 km / h in 5.7 seconds (with the most powerful internal combustion engine). The maximum speed is limited to top-end version of the 255 km / h. Bother developers and on the reduction of fuel consumption, the amount of which does not exceed 13 liters per “hundred” in the combined cycle (for an engine capacity of 5.0). Agree, high-speed performance Infiniti QX70 in 2019-2020 could be the envy of most sports cars.

Infiniti QX70 2018 года