Honda CR-V 2019-2020


Honda CR-V – Japanese crossover, which has more than 20 years since the release of the first-generation cars. At present (2016), the car turns 21 years old, that is, human standards it is now coming of age. The compact crossover, if decipher the three-letter abbreviation for the English, Japanese developers positioned as the car for outdoor recreation. New Honda Vietnam in 2019-2020, which has recently been shown in the photo, improve significantly and will please fans of notable features.

A summary of the CR-V model

On assurances of insiders who have managed to get the same sketch that gave rise to a lot of rumors about the next generation crossover, the car will hit the market with three rows of seats in the cabin, which will accommodate as many as seven people. Externally, the updated car will be significantly larger than its predecessor. Also, some experts say the growth model up, which in turn means that it will become a more spacious interior, while the exterior will delight hateful solidity clothed with the necessary power.

Honda CR-V сбоку

Exterior 5 generation Honda Vietnam

Naturally, on the sketch, laid out one of the Japanese portal, you can not judge the appearance of the Honda CR-V 2019-2020-2018 year, so here we have the support of a portion of rumors that it is possible to become reliable information as we approach the release date models on the market.

Новая Honda CR-V

Insiders point out the direction of the Japanese engineers in the direction of the HR-V model, which is the younger sister of CR-V. It lies in the growth of the housing and, in the new seven-seat cabin and the superior technical characteristics.

Since the crossover exterior will be a major, you can safely make the assumption that change its shape in the context of the main body parts: bumpers, optics, wheels. Naturally, as a bumper at the rear of the car, and the front will now be more massive. If we talk about the front end, you probably will change the appearance of false radiator grille.

I would like to further point out that the Japanese probably will attempt to wrap improved performance under the wrapper of expressive design and catchy appearance. The figure sketch can be seen these moments: Optics and rims in perfect harmony with the exterior of the updated model.

Вид сзади Honda CR-V

Interior of the Honda CR-V 2019-2020

Drawing from the alleged appearance of the car Honda Vietnam 2019-2020-2018 model year, though only gives an idea about the back of the housing trends, not focusing on its front, it would seem, can not please fans of the portion of reliable information about the interior of the passenger compartment. So it is, but sources close to the company, did not want to accept this, and presented to the public information about the intriguing interior design.

интерьер Honda CR-V

In addition to the seven seats in three rows of seats, they allocate the premium. What does it mean? The drawings are not laid out in the network, the Japanese engineers have focused on a completely new dashboard. Believe it or not, it is a personal matter, but almost certainly in the updated crossover model will be mounted display with touch input method.

Since the space inside the cabin will increase significantly, it will enable developers of the rising sun, in order to introduce into it some additional elements, such as ashtrays. Insiders say that the third row of seats will be able to emerge, therefore, will get an additional luggage compartment volume.

navigation system and climate control, as the experts say, would be substantially revised. In addition, the Japanese are working to increase the security settings.

Honda CR-V 2017

Specifications Honda Vietnam 2019-2020

A source close to the Japanese engineers rush to the opinion that the Honda CR-V 5th generation, which will be released sometime in late 2019-2020, will be all-wheel drive.

Under the hood of the new items will power 175 “horses”, which provides a petrol engine volume 1.5 liters. In addition, it will be presented and the two-liter unit, which capacity will cross the mark of 200 horsepower.

Insiders also say that there will be versions with hybrid installation, and with an electric motor.

Honda CR-V сбоку

Home sales in Russia and the price of new items

Honda Vietnam in 2019-2020 should enter the Russian market in the first half of 2018, immediately after the start of sales in the US and Europe. Journalists say that these new markets will be available for sale at the end of the next (2019-2020) year. Certainly its cost in Russia, as well as the current generation of the price will be set at the level in the area of ​​3 million rubles.

Civic model in the 10th generation of its share base for future updates CR-V. Also, journalists are now found some external similarity with this car in the upcoming models of the fifth generation of Vietnam.

While it remains to wait for the second half of this year and the whole of the next, when one of the auto show to the world community officially present the new product and will talk about innovations.