Ford Focus in April 2019-2020


The fourth generation of the legendary car in his Ford Focus class is scheduled to be published in 2019-2020. Noticeable are not only external but also internal upgrade cars. You can see the Ford Focus in April 2019-2020 on the photo, considering it a modern and at the same time for the classic look of the Ford.

Exterior updates

In general terms, the new Ford Focus 4, which you can see in the photo, made in the style, like modern Mondeo, combining aggressiveness and dynamism. However, he retained the characteristics of business class car.

Looking at the bumper Ford Focus 4, immediately noticed the new extra-large air intake. And on the radiator still it is false grille resembles a hexagonal geometric shape.

Changed optics, which made the car even more harmonious and stylish. On the updated fourth generation you will see:

  • Daytime Running Lights;
  • Headlights against fog of the LEDs;
  • Biksenovye lights.

Ford Focus 4 2018 года

There are new vshtampovki, which is not found in previous versions. Even the side wall of the car underwent restyling and now, the new product can be seen:

  • The increase in the wheel arches;
  • Wheels 19-inch steel;
  • The side mirror turn signal repeaters appeared.

The photo of the updated Ford Focus in April 2019-2020, you can see all the changes that have made the car a more modern, but no less elegant.

Ford Focus 4 2018 года

Internal update

Ford Focus in April 2019-2020 changed not only externally but also internally. Designers and developers have updated the interior, not only himself, but also digital stuffing. Although they are not so significant as compared with the external restyling.

Beauty trends become more athletic, like its exterior. The dashboard has acquired RS inscription, illuminated in blue. The same abbreviation can be seen on other elements of the car’s interior, which also can be seen in photographs of the new Ford Focus 4.

For the convenience of the driver all the appliances inside equipped with a pleasant, dim lighting, which performs its functions 24 hours a day. The steering wheel has become sportier and more harmonious, and the designers have added small bottom section to the steering wheel as much as possible was like a racing car. We cover it with natural leather, so to manage innovation has become much nicer.

The center console has remained without any changes, the only oil were added to the temperature and pressure sensors, for determining the state of the turbine cars.

Absolutely it left intact climatic equipment and multimedia system, as their full transfer to the third generation Ford Focus. All of this can be seen in news photos.

Интерьер Ford Focus 4 2018 года

Let’s look “under the hood” news

Car Ford Focus RS is recognized as the best ground transportation, produced in America. The new model has not been major changes compared to its predecessor, however, there are innovations that make the Ford Focus 4 even better.

Production cars will be in three body styles:

  • Sedan;
  • Versatile;
  • Hatchback.

Dimensions of the first two variations remain unchanged, but the hatchback made in five-door version, has become a little more. The length of the model dostegaet 438 cm and a maximum width – 186 cm.

Wheelbase is still on top and is 26.48 cm. The distance from the suspension to the road has increased to 15 cm, which is especially good for the Russian roads. The weight of the complete car is 1120 kg.

Executives of Ford said that the Ford Focus 4 received updated suspension settings and new depreciation steering. And also added four-wheel drive, which was a great addition to the RS and ST sporting modifications. However, such models will be later than the basic version of the fourth generation of the Ford Focus, a photo which you can see below.

Ford Focus 4 2018 года

The engines in the new trim levels remain virtually unchanged, however, have information that will implement additional power units (one or two). At the moment, there are models with a motor of 1.5 to 2 liters of running on gasoline, with capacity from 85 to 150 hp

A novelty will be the gasoline engine, a volume of 1.5 liters EcoBoots, optional turbocharged. It was created specifically for the new Ford Focus 4. Power is 150 hp and torque – 240 Nm. Up to a hundred kilometers the car with the engine under the hood will be dispersed in just 9.2 seconds. At the same time a motor runs fine on 92 octane.

There are indications that there will be also a variant of the diesel engine in the new Ford Focus 4, as well as the modification of the electrical power plant. The second option allows to travel as much as 160 km on a single battery charge. However, this new longer will appeal to the people of Europe, rather than Russia.

As for the powertrain? It is planned to issue two types:

  • Mechanics 6-speed;
  • Robotic Transmission, 6-band.

And here is a complete set with a classic machine is not found, as such a transmission difficult to achieve good fuel economy figures.

As well as the new product buyers will find:

  • “Smart” parking;
  • Control of blind spots;
  • Rain and light sensors;
  • Air conditioning will be a 2-band;
  • There will be side airbags;
  • Heated windshield washer nozzles.

Thus, Ford Focus 4 the novelty will be fully completed by 2019-2020.

Ford Focus 4 2018 года

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