Fiesta  Crash Test – crash test the new Fiesta

Fiesta Crash Test – crash test the new Fiesta

I bow to the men and women who work in the United States Road Safety Institute. I can honestly say that if we were working in their place, we would have to sadly sitting down in any old car. In the past decade, car manufacturers have made impressive strides on the security front than in large part to the institution.

The Institute has worked, performed crash tests to more accurately reflect the behavior of vehicles on the road. One of his first functions to analyze the accident where people are dying. You can not argue against the benefits of the work safety institute. What is particularly important that the institution keeps pace with the time, exploring new trends in the automotive industry and in a timely manner the requirements of manufacturers offering their vehicles.

A requirement, just in the last few years have changed significantly. Everyone knows about the hood height restrictions for off-road vehicles, which have been recently introduced security institution. Also, with the strength of roofs that need to protect passengers in a vehicle rollover. The Institute requires that the angle of the roof 4 of the car withstood the weight of deformed no more than a certain distance.

What is interesting, tiny and compact 2018-2019 Ford Fiesta model year support the weight of a 5 rather than 4 of its mass. You can also watch a video in which a sedan 2018-2019 Ford Fiesta is tested for frontal impact at 50 km / h. While mechanical damage 2018-2019 Ford Fiesta after hitting the impressive interior of the vehicle remains the same shape. This is a complete success for the 2018-2019 Ford Fiesta!

According to the Institute for 2018-2019 Ford Fiesta the first and only mini car that has earned such high security assessment.

Photo Crash test 2018-2019 Ford Fiesta

Video Crash Test 2018-2019 Ford Fiesta