Brabus E V12 Cabriolet – Luxury Brabus open top

Brabus is expanding its range of super-powerful E V12 and produces the most powerful convertible in the world. 800-horsepower 12-cylinder engine is able to accelerate the car up to an impressive 370 kilometers per hour. Price Brabus E V12 Cabriolet starts at 478,000 euros, and the release of the fastest Cabriolet will be produced to customer order.

Engineers have developed a model based on the experience of previously issued Coupe and Sedan E V12 and placed the most powerful engine in the line of Brabus and reinforced 5-speed automatic transmission in the engine compartment Cabriolet Brabus E V12. The impressive performance was achieved integrated refining powertrain current model 2018-2019 Mercedes S600.

The changes affected the engine foundations – installation of a special crankshaft larger, which increased stroke, and as a result the volume of the power unit Brabus E V12 Cabriolet from 5.5 to 6.3 liters. In addition, modified engine head with the installation of sport camshafts and valves for better supply of the fuel mixture of the engine.

In addition to the 800-horsepower Brabus E V12 Cabriolet using powerful turbine, which provides a more efficient turbocharging process. Not unimportant factor in the availability of additional horses is the use of four productive intercoolers, and made of stainless steel sport exhaust system with four pipes, is not only exceptional sound, but powerful and allows the power unit to breathe easier.

Result Revised engine Brabus E V12 Cabriolet, which also affected the system of air supply to the engine and the software e-mode control system operation of the power unit, 800 horsepower at 5500 rpm. Maximum torque has increased to an enormous 1420 Nm, but is limited electronically to 1,100 Nm.

speed and acceleration characteristics Brabus E V12 Cabriolet from place:

  • Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h: 3.7 seconds;
  • Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h: 9.9 seconds;
  • Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h: 23.9 seconds;
  • Top speed: 370 km / h.

For such huge speeds essential for the stability and security Brabus E V12 Cabriolet play aerodynamics. Brabus has equipped Convertible super-light and strong parts of the body, checking for air resistance which was conducted in a wind tunnel, as well as for models of Formula 1.

Front bumper Brabus E V12 Cabriolet, the bottom of which are integrated daytime running lights with LEDs, increases the downforce on the front axle and equipped with air intakes for cooling the engine and brakes. The new extended front wings and the plastic lining on the rear arches allow harmoniously fit into the overall design of a wide sport wheels. 19-inch alloy wheels shod with high-performance sports tires in size 265/30 ZR 19 production Continental, Pirelli or Yokohama.

Suspension Brabus E V12 Cabriolet finalized taking into account the weight of the engine and offers the possibility to adjust the ride height the driver by up to 35 millimeters. The brake system also could not remain the standard. The incredible power of the engine is tamed by means of ventilated discs measuring 380 x 37 millimeters for the front axle and 360 x 28 mm for the rear, with 12 and 6-piston calipers, respectively.

Ends changes refinement luxurious interior Cabriolet Brabus E V12, which is made in black and red colors. The seats, the lower parts of the door linings and the dashboard in red and the upper part black. Leather seats with logo on the headrests, ergonomically designed multifunction steering wheel, center console and door trim pads include sporting accents perfectly complement the cozy interior of the fastest in the world Convertible – Brabus E V12.

Photo Brabus E V12 Cabriolet