Brabus Bullit Coupe 800 – power and style from Brabus

Another masterpiece – Brabus Bullit Coupe 800 German developer has shown at Geneva Motor Show with 788-horsepower engine V12 Biturbo under the hood, which is mounted on the coupe instead of the standard 6.3-liter V-8 and modifications stylish exterior design and interior. The latest version of the 2018-2019 Mercedes the C63 the AMG – Coupe model from which the Brabus Bullit and built with incredible torque and acceleration.

Not small in size Brabus Bullit Coupe is capable of accelerating from zero to the first hundred in 3.7 seconds, the second develops through 9.8, and 23.8 after the car can travel at speeds of 300 kilometers per hour. With incredible power under the hood, the developer had to be made to the overall design Brabus Bullit Coupe 800 is very significant changes. This applies to the braking system and chassis and external improvements, with a view to improving the downforce on the front and on the rear axle.

Exterior aerodynamic package Coupe Brabus Bullit includes a new front bumper with large central and side air intakes with integrated LED lights on the stylish side skirts, elegant spoiler on the trunk lid and unique rear diffuser. “The highlight» Bullit Coupe rear view is a pair of twin exhaust pipes of the original marble color and profile of a sports car sports supplement wheels with 20-inch wheels and low-profile tires.

Special attention is given engine torque Brabus Bullit Coupe 800 with twelve V-shaped arrangement of cylinders, two turbochargers and four air-cooled intercooler. The power unit develops enormous 1420 Nm of torque is already available from 2100 rpm. However, the developer bothered for the deformation of the internal organs of the driver and passengers during acceleration and to limit the maximum torque at around 1100 Newton meters.

The power of the engine Brabus Bullit Coupe 800 is transmitted to the wheels by means of a strengthened and instantly switching transmission 7-speed automatic transmission with manual shift and a limited-slip differential with an automatic lock. Tame decent performance brake system is designed with 12-piston calipers and 380-mm discs front and 6-piston calipers and 360-mm discs for the rear wheels.

Features Brabus Bullit Coupe 800

  • Engine: V12 with two turbochargers capacity of 6233 cm3;
  • Compression ratio: 9.0: 1;
  • Power: 800 hp (788 bhp) / 588 kW at 5500 rpm;
  • Maximum torque: 1420 Nm 2 100 revolutions per minute;
  • Available torque: 1100 Nm (electronically limited);
  • CO2 emissions: 372 grams per kilometer;
  • Transmission: enhanced 7-speed automatic with manual override;
  • Drive: rear drive with limited slip differential and ESP;
  • Wheels: 20-inch in size 8.5J x 20 H2 for the front and 9.5J x 20 H2 for the rear wheels;
  • Tires: the size 235/30 ZR 20 front and 275/25 ZR 20 for the rear wheels;
  • Tire manufacturer: Pirelli, YOKOHAMA or Continental;
  • Front Brake: 12-piston calipers with discs measuring 380 x 37 mm;
  • Brakes: 6-piston calipers with discs measuring 360 x 28 mm;
  • Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h: 3.7 seconds;
  • Acceleration from 0 to 200 km / h: 9.8 seconds;
  • Acceleration from 0 to 300 km / h: 23.8 seconds;
  • Maximum Brabus Bullit Coupe 800 speed: 370 km / h;
  • Fuel consumption in town 23.4 l / 100 km;
  • Fuel consumption on the highway 10,4 l / 100 km;
  • Consumption on the combined cycle: 15.1 liters / 100 km.

Price of new Brabus Bullit Coupe 800 and is available in the automotive market has not yet reported.

Photo Brabus Bullit Coupe 800