BMW 7 series in 2019-2020

BMW 7 series in 2019-2020

The whole world is looking forward to the world’s output of new items Car – BMW 7 series in 2019-2020. Until recently, even the appearance of the car was not known, however, the recent publication of the United Kingdom to lift the veil of secrecy.

Sedan German production index gained G11, not so long ago in the network got spy shots of the sedan, which allowed all the fans of this car brand to present an impression of novelty, long before the premiere. I must say that the car has exceeded all expectations. The car entered in the seventh series BMW, it is still a luxury sedan, which have been refined and improved lines of the body.

BMW 7 2016 года

The exterior of the BMW 7 series in 2019-2020

Due to the use of large amounts of aluminum and carbonate structure, a new model of the car turned out easier. It has a smaller size than the previous generation, the length of the car a little more than 5 m, width – 1.8 m, and the height of the machine consists of 1, 4 m Buyers are two models of the new car will be offered -. To the longer wheelbase, or with the usual. Manufacturers BMW sedan has always produced two versions of one car and decided to keep this tradition. Model with a longer wheelbase got G12 code.

Vehicle weight is unknown, but experts suggest that it may even be less than the weight of the BMW 5 Series, which is 1670 kg.

Design of the car is designed in the familiar style of German cars, but he also suffered changes. Presumably, the new machine design concept was inspired by another car – Vision Future Luxury Concept. It is from this new BMW vehicle was pronounced body lines and short overhangs. From the same concept car learned taillights and side air intakes.

BMW 7 2016 года

The car is distinguished by its unusual design, but its profile has not changed. With the exception of optics, which is exactly the same as the BMW X5. External changes have lights – headlights have become more narrow, flattened, and the rear contrary wider. The rear also divided chrome strip. In this fog lamps remind 6 Series cars.

Based on the BMW 7 series car photo 2019-2020, which appeared due avtoshpionam designers even more refined grille. It seemed impossible to do so, however, the developers found new versions of this item. Now the familiar grille looks more massive, it is more immersed in the bumper. By the lattice fit snugly lights.

BMW 7 2016 года


Inside, the car is not less luxurious than the outside. Spy Photos and lifted the part of the mystery, the new saloon car BMW 7 series in 2019-2020 has become more modern. However, for photos to say whether he has changed a lot compared to other models, it is quite difficult.

The manufacturer promised to use better materials for interior trim. Motorists will appreciate the new multimedia system such as iDrive, which has a completely new interface and more features. Also a screen for passengers and will be expanded car dashboard capabilities. We should also note the presence of a new leather steering wheel.

Салон BMW 7 2016 года

Specifications BMW 7 series in 2019-2020

BMW 7 series in 2019-2020 will run on the newest turbine engine capacity of 2 liters. The power unit has 260 horsepower. This engine is mounted on a model with conventional wheels 730i, as regards model cars with reinforced wheels 740i, for it is more powerful unit in volume of 3 liters and output of 330 horsepower.

The most powerful engine will be installed in the BMW 7 Series 760i. Its volume is 6.6 liters, the unit produces approximately 550 horsepower.

The car will be equipped with a full or rear wheel drive. All engines are supplied with an automatic transmission 8 and 9 degrees.

BMW 7 2016 года

car Features

Innovation for all fans of the BMW was the fact that particular model of car will be released in this series – 740e and 750e, which can be recharged from the mains. Also, the manufacturer is preparing a diesel version of the car, its engine power to 270 horsepower.

The car is also equipped with navigation, which is controlled by gestures, wireless charging for smartphones, self-parking system, panoramic roof and other devaysa for entertainment.

BMW 7 2016 года

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